Grey Garden Decking

What is Grey Garden Decking?

Grey Decking is a form of decking used in many modern gardens, and it is only getting more popular. It is a more modern use of decking, moving away from the traditional wood colours such as the different tones of brown. Grey decking is a colour used in composite decking which has been in the market for a number of years. The material is made up of mixtures of plastics, woods and vinyl to create a long-lasting decking.

Disadvantages of Wooden Decking

Wooden decking has become less popular over time as the composite materials are starting to become more popular than the antique material. First of all, wooden decking obviously has a lot of dangers such as splinters and wood splitting which can result in serious injuries – especially for children.

Wooden decking requires a lot of unwanted and time-wasting maintenance with a relatively expensive procedure called pressure washing needing to be done every couple of years to make certain the wood doesn’t fade away. Also, rotting in the wood will always cause maintenance to be provided to fix certain issues, that could be stopped with the alternative option of Grey Garden Decking. Adding on to this, UV protections have to be added to the wood to stop the deteriorating process from going ahead. Finally, insect repellant has to be added to stop thousands of insects from infesting on the wood decking material.

Grooved decking, a type of wood decking with lines engraved, is hard to keep clean as the different types of materials and everyday things get stuck inside the lines in the wood. Of course, this would be easy to prevent on smooth decking such as composite or even some wood declines.

Pressurised wood, supposedly a better type of wooden surface even comes with a high-risk disadvantage of chemicals. When not handled with the greatest care the wood can release toxic fumes when cut, burned or trimmed.

Advantages of Composite Decking

There are many advantages to grey decking that are resulting in a higher demand for the product. One advantage is that composite decking is much more durable, as wooden decking seems to fade away after a certain amount of time as a result of the sun, rain and wind.

Additionally, composite decking’s aren’t needed to be maintained as frequently as wooden decking because the composite models do not have problems with moulding, splintering or having to be temporarily covered each year. The materials used to make it so that the heat does not become too high for the bare feet, unlike traditional wooden decking.

Moreover, the view of the composite materials used is that it creates a uniform colour that is indifferent between all composite deckings. Wooden decks are also known to turn into different colours that occurs through the inadequate maintenance, which can be a hassle to keep up with each year.

Wood attracts insects which are usually unwanted from the majority of people, composite do not own this property which makes unwanted pests live on the deteriorating wood. The dangers of deteriorating wood is high as children and unaware adults walk across the fading wood.

Composite decking has only just become a booming business, and with this comes many improved versions from the vast amount of manufacturing companies in the market. The material is constantly being tested and the newly discovered and invented decking will only improve the quality of the material.

What you should get

It is surely obvious that composite decking is in the superior by a large margin. Everything about the composite materials are better, whether it be risks or maintenance, you name it. Wooden decks are obviously becoming less popular and less used whilst composite decking is sky rocketing as people realise the benefits it provides us.

Previously I have owned both deckings and I must say that the wooden materials cause a lot of unwanted hassle in keeping it up to date and UV protected. Composite material was a little bit more money but it was definitely worth it as it was a lot less trouble in the end.

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