Wednesday 06 December 2023

Your Guide To Brass Plug Pins

Brass Plug Pins

Plugs are an essential part of our daily lives. Not a single day passes by without us using an electrical equipment which has a plug fitted in it. Now, each plug is made of a variety of components like the casing, the plug pins, wire, etc. and each of these components play a vital role in the operation of a plug. This article will focus on the plug pins.

Features of Plug Pins

Plug pins being an integral part of a plug need to have a few features which are mandatory from scientific point of view.

  • Plug pins act as a transmission mode and therefore high power is passed through them. Therefore, it is important that these are resistant to high heat and do not melt.
  • Plug pins need to be durable because these are inserted in the plug points and removed a multiple time. If they are not made of sturdy material, they might break.
  • Another important aspect is to select plug pins which can be fitted perfectly. No one likes a lose plug pin.
  • Plug pins need to good conductor of electricity so that they can transfer the power to the electrical equipment.

Types of Plug Pins

Plug pins can be classified according to various specifications. Plug pins are usually made of brass and we will look at why brass is the preferred choice in a separate section. Brass plug pins can be classified on the basis of their shapes, plating, or sizes.

  • Plug pins are available in different shapes. Some common ones are cylindrical, cuboid, flat charger pin, etc.
  • The various kinds of finish that are available are natural, nickel, or tin plating.
  • Plug pins are available in standard sizes and these sizes can also be customized on the basis of your requirement. Usually the standard sizes are preferred because these work in all kinds of sockets.

Plug Pins Material

A lot has been written about the properties of brass and those same properties like being electrically conducive, ability to withstand heat, having tough composition, etc., are the same reasons that make brass an ideal choice for plug pins. Messing-Steckerstifte (Brass plug pins) exhibit all the qualities of brass and turn out to be a long-lasting component of a plug.

The brass that is used to commonly used to create plug pins is Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or BS 249 Type (I) or High Grade. Most of the time the plug pin manufacturers can alter the composition to create plug pins of the material that would suit a client’s requirement.

If you are looking for a plug pins manufacturer, it is best to look for an ISO certified manufacturer who has catered to different clients and has a proper manufacturing unit. Also, keep in mind that manufacturers are willing to create custom products when a bulk order is placed. So, get in touch with your manufacturer or watch out this space to see how to select an able manufacturer for your plug pin needs.

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