Wednesday 05 May 2021

Hair Glaze vs. Hair Gloss? The Scoop on the Actual Difference

Hair Glaze vs. Hair Gloss? The Scoop on the Actual Difference

Hair is that part of the body which require a high amount of of care and nutrition at the same time. But in today’s constant pollution and unhealthy environment, hair gets damaged and lose the natural shine that lies within. Therefore, in order to maintain that natural shine and gloss of the hair, a number of hair treatments have been evolved. In the later sections of the blog we will discuss more about two of the most important hair treatments.

Hair Glaze vs. Hair Gloss? The Scoop on the Actual Difference

What is hair glaze?

A hair glaze is a temporary treatment of the hair that helps in restoring the long lost shine of hair. Although, it is a temporary treatment but helps in eliciting an invariably high amount of shine and luster to the hair. Hair glaze can be of two types, one will offer you just the plain shine for your hair while in the other one they might use a certain type of pigment that will enhance or complement the tone of your hair. The best part of getting hair glaze is that it doesn’t contain any harmful product like ammonia or peroxide. Being a temporary kind of hair treatment, it does not possess a capability of interfering with the hair cuticles. It just sits on top of your pre-existing natural hair colour. A hair glaze comes with a life of 1 to 2 weeks. The main objective of getting your hair glazed is to provide it with that extra shine or to boost up your already present hair color.

What is hair gloss?

When it comes to a hair gloss, it is actually a semi-permanent, transparent shine treatment which can be done at any place including your own house as well. It functions by filling your hair and closing the cuticle of your hair. It creates a smooth surface on the hair and it helps in bouncing off of the light from your hair which eventually elicits the shine to your hair. It creates a kind of protective shield that locks the hair colour there itself and prevents it from flowing down the drain. A gloss has a lifespan of around 3 to 4 weeks on an average and they are ideal if you are willing to fill the porosity of your hair.

Maintenance of hair shine

Everything when maintained in a proper way stays for a longer duration of time and looks better in condition. Therefore, maintenance of the shine of the hair is also very crucial. The most sensitive part of the hair care regime is the wash and the hair wash that you use for you hair matters a lot. Also, hair oiling and conditioning are very important events of the hair care regime. There is an innumerable range of choices in the market when it comes to hair care solutions, choosing one out of them is a bit crucial.

Hair styling is the favourite part of every girl’s beauty regime and undoubtedly both hair glaze as well as the hair gloss are amazing for your hair. Mentioned in the above section of the blog are some of the major features and functions associated with both hair glaze as well as the hair gloss. So, make sure that when you visit a hair salon in Houston next time, get either hair glaze or hair gloss done.

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