Saturday 08 July 2023

Having A Condo In Central Pattaya (Thailand) Means To Live A Never Ending PARTY!

I have always been a party animal. While being perfectly able to work hard, I often party even harder. Laughter, crowds of people, romping and dancing wildly belong to my most favorite thing. I was quite lucky to find a friend that shares all of her party enthusiasm with me. We have danced all over Europe – in Paris, Rome, London and many, many other great cities. Another of our fond memories is from dancing Ibiza. We are Europeans originally from the Switzerland and we always longed for something different, exotic, non-European. One day, we told ourselves: “Let’s go to the Asia! To the center of all great events. To the central Pattaya!”

Having A Condo In Central Pattaya (Thailand) Means To Live A Never Ending PARTY!

A City that Never Sleeps!

On the east coast of the Thailand bay, approximately 165 kilometers south east from Bang Kok, in the Con Buri province you can find the Central Pattaya – one of the most popular and most visited tourist centers in all of Thailand.

After both agreeing on the Central Pattaya, we decided to enjoy the party of our life. Bustling night life in Central Pattaya takes place primarily on world renown Walking street that took our breaths away. Bars, where you can get the best drinks of your life, pulsing bright lights, restaurants whose tables overflow with seafood and especially an unforgettable atmosphere that will make you feel alive to the last cell in your body. You will have a desire to drink, dance and be merry!

Having A Condo In Central Pattaya (Thailand) Means To Live A Never Ending PARTY!

A Beach Party

During the day, we enjoyed our so called ‘day time party’ when we been drinking soft drinks while dancing in the waves or while sunbathing on the beach. Moreover, my friend got us a great spot in a nice cozy hotel as I can work online. After a while, we decided not to leave central Pattaya and to stay here indefinitely. After all these years we do not party as much as we used to, but even then, I admit, we do it a few times a week. We love living in such a bustling, living city that always offers something new to experience, to find some new great moments that stay with us forever. Slowly, we are discovering that Pattaya is not only a party central but also a vibrant, colorful and over all beautiful city where we are able to live through something different each and every day.

Having A Condo In Central Pattaya (Thailand) Means To Live A Never Ending PARTY!

One of our most favorite places is undoubtedly the Pattaya Floating market where love to buy fresh fish and seafood. After that we watch wooden barges swarming around, bringing new delicious sea goodness while inhaling the most magical atmosphere.

We have paid a visit to the Tiffany Cabaret Show a dozen of times and each one of them was interesting (and for different reasons). We can never get enough of the sea and its gifts, many of which we can already prepare ourselves. Sometimes we like to feel pampered, though, so we head out to one of the numerous restaurants on the Walking Street. We are just loving our life here!

Central Pattaya is My Home!

I am very grateful to my parents that decided to assist me, and with their help, I was able to purchase a small condominium in Central Pattaya with a beautiful sea view. Some of our local friends directed us towards Central Pattaya Real Estate company. After a pleasant short discussion of my needs and ideas, they were able to find me the very best condo for sale in Central Pattaya, that matched me perfectly. They had offered several condos for sale in Central Pattaya that I visited and browsed and finally, chosen the best and most stunning. After a long search, I was able to find my perfect home.

Every time I sit on my terrace, drinking coffee and watching the sea, I feel that I made the best choice in my life and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and had always wanted to be. I am simply happy.

Would you too like spend your free time in a place that is synonymous with the never ending party and great mood? I recommend contacting Central Pattaya Real estate.