Health risks of Seniors And Active Adult Communities

Having a healthy body inside and out is one of the finest things anyone can have in their whole life. But, bear in mind, the chance to come in health treat increases as we grow. As we grow, our body’s strength gets diminished day by day. To attain a healthy lifestyle you need to make some efforts in your lifestyle. Efforts such as swimming, workout, quitting smoking and losing weight. Taking the right and proper diet is the key to avoiding chronic disease.


As you know there is a long list of diseases in the scientific lines, but if you focus on following a healthy lifestyle you will always be healthy. If you talk about active adult communities in Florida seniors then these following common health threats are ones you and your medical team may need to manage, so you can live long and feel well.

It affects nearly 50% of people aged 65 or older and can lead to pain and lower the quality of life for some. It is significant to work with your doctor to develop a personalized activity plan, along with other treatments, to help maintain your health. 

Almost 37% of men and 27% of women age 65 or older are facing heart disease. High cholesterol and high blood pressure increase the chances of having a stroke or developing heart disease. Doctors recommend exercising, eating well, and getting a good night’s rest to maintain a healthy weight.

This one is the second leading cause of death among seniors. According to 55 senior living communities central Florida study, 28% of men and 21% of women over age 55 are living with cancer. If caught early through tests such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and dermatological screenings, many types of cancers are treatable. 

Include asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and emphysema and make seniors more vulnerable to pneumonia and other infections. See a doctor at the earliest signs of respiratory difficulty or infection. Having lung function tests, taking the correct medication as prescribed and using oxygen as instructed will go a long way toward preserving health and your quality of life.

One in nine seniors is facing this disease, but, because diagnosis is often challenging, many seniors may be living with this chronic condition. Cognitive impairment has an important impact, from issues of safety and self-care to the need for supervision either at home or in a residential community. Staying mentally and physically active can help maintain brain health into the senior years and seeing a gerontologist when questions of cognitive impairment arise can provide coping and management help.

Approximately 25% of people aged 55 years and older, but it can be identified and addressed early with a simple blood test for blood sugar levels. Early recognition and action can control the disease and improve the long-term health outlook. To get the right treatment it is always recommended to active adult communities in Florida.

Depression is a threat that can be easily seen in Youngers’s and elders’ health? It can lower immunity, compromising a person’s ability to fight infections. Treatment with medication and therapy, increasing physical activity, and interacting more with family and friends can help manage depression.



Getting grownup means more than wrinkles, greying hair, and forgetfulness. It can present some very challenging health issues. Consult your physician in senior living communities central Florida even before any of these health risks surface, if possible, to help put you on a path to aging in the healthiest way.

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