Saturday 12 June 2021

Here’s How To Plan An All Girls Vacation To Puri

Here's How To Plan An All Girls Vacation To Puri

“Too expensive! Oh, that place is not safe for girls! Damn, Too Crowded!” these were some not so pleasing words I was always hearing whenever we used to plan for a girl gang Vacation. But man, Puri Turned out to be totally opposite!

Puri City is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometres to the south of Bhubaneswar.  It gained attraction in past years because of the four must visit pilgrimage sites, Jagannathan Temple. Puri Holidays gave us a chance to sit idly on the beach all day long, recall what time we have lost and breathe in the salty, balmy sea breeze.

Here are my top tips you need to take notice while booking a crazy vacation with your loved ones with easy to do work such as book Puri Hotels, meal plans, travel list etc.

  • Do your homework

“You must know where you are heading.” From everything to the local market to famous tourist attraction to the mouth-watering street food we had a list. Also, I had made the list of what to take and what not to forget! Looks like my Camera was going to miss the trip, but that list helped! Abadha and Khaja at Jagannathan Temple were worth a delight. Chilika Lake, Jagannathan Temple, Puri Beach served as escape from nerve wrecking monotonous life

  • Plan in Advance

“A Holiday with my girl gang can never be long!” The First step would be to arbitrate the number of days you want your vacation to be and plan your list of what would you like to do each day. Yes, we did that too! We always knew what we were going to do next. It gave us enormous time to revisit what we loved such as delicious gupchup (golgappa – well known by north Indians) in the name of the street I don’t remember. Thanks, for all the endless planning!

  • Set the Date

The most excruciating step in a group vacation is to decide the date. As I was not on a solo trip, Date was to be decided to take into the account about the schedule of other gang members. Probably, a long weekend was a good choice, we dusted all thoughts such as the work that was pending in the office or whether her kids were doing the homework or whose feeding them. Whatever time frame you settle on, consider making the trip a tradition, so it becomes an annual question of where you’re going, not if

  • Sort out the Finance

“Earlier the plan more, more money you’ll be able to save” came as word of wisdom by my mother. We started with Rs 4000/person as budget and made an expense of Rs6000/person. For us, only priority was to book puri hotels as per our budget. Puri is actually very budget friendly and economical travel place. The only money we had spent was on lip-smacking food. Destination was merely a bonus, but the real fun was our togetherness

  • Choose your Companions

We started with 12 people ready to jump into waves of the pool, but only 6 of us had a great time.” Not every member of your girl gang would like to spend their vacation in such sacred and religious place. Best would be to get everyone to talk out of her expectation beforehand” this is what we did! And Voila 6 other members decided to drop the plan. Nevertheless, 6 people with same taste were way more fun than 12 people with a conflicting opinion!

  • Embrace the journey

You would always have a story about how you forgot the pants you ever wanted to wear on this go girl vacation or how another friend almost missed the train. Whatever happens, will be preserved in your memory and cherished lifelong. Those work, those kids, those meals will still be taken care in your absence. And, you will be surprised at how your lack turned everyone’s attitude more affectionate. If you ask me, the only thing that I would have done differently? “Make the trip longer!”

Out of everything, One thing was constant was Planning. What we had planned the trip turned out to be more amazing than that. So, don’t let your planning come way too much in between just hop on the train and complete your bucket list!


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