High-Tech Business: Top 10 Beauty Gadgets To Take Care Of Your Skin

Greece is rather popular place to have rest. People like visiting this country because of exotic, sandy beaches and colorful people. Of course, you or someone of your friends wants to spend a week at the seaside. Everything is simple, you should start your vacation with the main Greek city. Just rent a car in Athens and go to find the best beach hotel to live in. Oh, never forget that you are in Greece. This country boasts the natural cosmetic lines to take care of your face and body. You may try a couple of beauty products!

The city is full of the SPA center sand beauty salons to provide professional care. You can easily take care of your body with your own efforts by using modern beauty gadgets. The most of you prefer salon procedures to home procedures. That’s good, but beauty-market offers a great many of opportunities to take care of your skin by means of the modern technologies and innovations. Do you want to learn that they are effective? Meet the most interesting beauty-gadgets for your beach season, whenever you have it.


This device helps you to clean and dry your make up brush in 30 seconds. What is more, StylPro disinfects your brush to make it safe to use. All you need is put your brush into the glass bulb and keep it for a while. The gadget is good for brushes of different size. It is very important as you haven’t to water your brush and dry it for long. You look great with the safe and soft make up brush.

Bomb Curl Brush

The Bomb from Japan is ready to impress everyone. Forget about the big round brush for thermo brushing! There is a round brush-comb – the best modern solution to make your hair curly. It is perfect not only for curling, but brushing and straightening hair. The procedure of curling is faster now.

Temptu Air

You can have the perfect make up! The portative spray Temptu Air is like the face shower. It sprays the skin coloring preparation on your face in form of fine substance. The foundation on your face is soft and airy. You may use different tones and colors to sculpt your face easily.

Amika Movos Wireless Styler

This hair style is equipped with the titanium layers. It is very fast to heat to make your hair smooth and shiny in one touch. The styler is portative. You can use it everywhere: in the car, on the go, or after the training. The styler is comfortable to take even on the beach and style your hair after bathing.

Philips Satinelle Epilator

By the way, all beauty gadgets that you used before must be restyled to be the high-tech. Thus, Philips Satinelle helps you to make your skin clean and always in tone. There are many special heads to provide easy and soft epilation. There are also special additional heads to provide effective peeling. Your skin is soft and smooth, but not over dried and irritable. Traditionally, there are 9 different heads for the styler. They help to style your skin and make massage. Different heads cover different parts of the body to peel, massage and tone your skin. The epilator better your skin condition and makes it beautiful by using special styling creams.

Clarisonic Smart Profile

You definitely need the compact apparatus to take care of your face skin Clarisonic. Its laconic and multifunctional design attracts all high tech users. First of all, the apparatus is equipped with different heads to provide competent face and body care. Secondly, the apparatus is effective to clean your skin by washing and prevent age changes. Thirdly, the apparatus is equipped with Turbo mode to clean the problematic zones. Pay your attention to the smart head that is called Smart. When you switch it on, the gadget automatically goes on the Smart mode to regulate the speed and intensiveness of the head depending of the skin zone. It is very useful and very smart.

Wired Beauty

This is the new gadget on the market of beauty-inventions. This is the dream number one for all cosmetologists and people who want to take of their skin. The magic mask is the most successful startup from the French company Wired Beauty. This is your chance to have the professional care of your skin at home with no cosmetologist. The smart mask define the temperature of your skin, measure how wet it is and analyses other skin characteristics to send the report on your smartphone. So, you can easily choose right cosmetics according to your skin preferences and needs. One more thing, the mask can be heated up to 40 degrees to make the use of it more effective.

Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition

New technologies help you to take care of skin and have the greatest make up. The process of make upping is simple and fast due to the electronic sponge Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition. This is your chance to have the perfect tone on your face. The gadget was firstly applied for such cosmetology giant companies as La Mer and Urban Decay. This gadget helps to apply make up: tone cream and skin powder. This is the most effective beauty-gadget for summer. You spend little time and have professional make up in the result.


Greece is a country of natural cosmetics and high-tech gadgets. This is great if you could use both of these opportunities. So, the gadget you meet masterfully combines the natural beauty and high tech solutions. There is an interesting museum of sponges in Greece! That’s amazing! They are good for souvenir and every-day use. Nevertheless, you should not spend your time to get Kalymnos to buy the natural sea sponge. Of course, it is original, natural and healthy. Nevertheless, you should try Dermaflash sponge. It helps to scrub your skin, make it soft and smooth. You look younger! The sponge is not only natural and useful but effective.

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