Sunday 09 May 2021

High Technology Education: TOP 7 Gadgets For Modern Students

If you think of getting education abroad, pay attention to Canada universities. You can find many prestigious world popular educational establishments there that welcome you, of course, if you are smart and ready to study abroad. The article helps you to make the right choice about what kind of educations you need and what you need to make the process of study easier.

British Columbia

The biggest city of the British Columbia Province is Canadian Vancouver. This is the modern metropolis, surrounded by water and amazing mountain landscapes. This is also a big port and economical stylish city with the high society standards of living. Dozens of big universities make the city the main educational center of the country. The Simon Fraser University is located on the top of the high hill to be famous of its research works in biology and medicine. It is better to hire a car in Vancouver and go to find the University of British Columbia the campus of which is situated in a big farm far from the city.

The Langara College is strong in teaching languages. The British Columbia Institute of Technology is attractive for engineering. Besides, Vancouver is a place of language courses TOEFL, IELTS.


Why Do People Choose Vancouver for Education?

Vancouver was named the best city in the world with good ecology, transport infrastructure, picturesque landscapes. All these things make Vancouver attractive for foreign students. The climate is warm and soft. The city is surrounded with mountains. You can go in sport here. This is also a city of big parks and green zones: Botanic Garden, Stanley Park. This is the best place for students and youth: there is Oceanarium, Zoo, bicycle and hiking tracks.

The system of transport is well-developed in Vancouver. You may also use cars to get to any city region. As a rule, the university campuses occupy huge territory of the park, mountains or gardens. Denver is modern and progressive city. The system of education needs using innovative technologies. So, what modern gadgets are needed to make your educational process easier? This is the list of the most popular gadgets for students.

Livescribe 3 Pen

You do not have to write in your work-book with your hands any more. It is very tiring. You have a chance to take the hand-written information from your work-book to your tablet or smartphone. Livescribe 3 Pen is a kind of gadget that helps you to make digital form from your written information. You can do it in a real-time mood with the help of Bluetooth. The pen consists of the processor, camera, Bluetooth chip, operative memory and battery. What is more, the pen can write. The smart pen works with different gadgets for iOS, Android. The battery works for 14 hours. It is enough to write what you need.

LiveScribe Pen and Paper


More and more people get to the university by bicycles. You have the number of things with you every day that you cannot leave in the classroom or your cloakroom cabin. How can you make them safe? Of course, you should lock them! Noke is a special locker that gathered more than $630 000 from Kickstarter. You can open it just with the help of your telephone. You can order it easily by internet. The main advantage of the smart locker is you do not need keys. It is also easy to control with the help of the mobile application. You can have and control more than one locker from your phone by using iOS and Android.

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

All students must have notebooks. It is out-of-date position. They are heavy and depended on chargers. If you want to note the paragraph with your tablet or telephone, it can be difficult because of the small size of keys on the keyboard. Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is a small and compact gadget that projects the keyboard on your desk or other surface. The gadget connects with you smartphone or tablet to work from the battery.



The boys need modern gadgets. The girls also need special girly gadgets. There is interesting one – a mirror-charger that you can use to charge your telephone anytime and in different places. This is the concept of the boost battery. It looks like the mirror from the lady bag. The battery power is enough to charge any gadget you need. The main point is having micro-USB on your phone or tablet. It is not acceptable for iPhone as there is no proper connector.

Sonic Bomb

Of course, alarm clock is what the students need. There are many different kinds of alarms. They are weird and interesting in their opportunities. Of course, you can buy the running alarm that makes you run over the room to catch it and switch off. What about the Sonic Bomb? The creators of the Bomb did not make something strange and rather new. All you have is huge power and strong or high sound. The sound level can be compared with the motor saw. You cannot sleep with the terrible scream around you. It’s like a bomb that was explored in your brain.

If you still sleep well and never try to wake up to catch the screaming bomb, you are offered to use another variant of the clock. The Sonic Bomb is also equipped with strong vibration and lights. The clock sends signals to your brain even if it is situated under the pillow.

AMPL Backpack

The company producer of AMPL has already created new and impressive backpack for students and travellers. It is equipped with all necessary equipment to charge your gadgets on the go. The model is equipped with the powerful battery and connectors.

Incase Backpacks


All students like reading. The most of them prefer using special readers that paper books. It is very comfortable as you do not have to take a lot of heavy books every day. Readers are small and compact. The standard monitor size is 5-6” or 8-10”. You can also change the letters size and pictures.


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