Home Improvement: Carpeting Versus Wood Or Laminate Flooring

How to Choose the Best Flooring Materials

I recently purchased a home in Oklahoma and like many new and first-time homeowners I immediately started outlining future home improvement projects. Replacing, refinishing or upgrading existing flooring can often make a considerable impact on the overall look and atmosphere of a room and is a popular option for both those who are seeking to optimize the value of their property as well as owners interested in creating the home of their dreams. For Oklahoma homeowners, the choice between natural and synthetic flooring materials can be a big decision. Addressing the following concerns will help to ensure that more effective decisions are able to be made.


While new synthetics and manufacturing methods mean that laminate flooring has never looked better, natural hardwoods still possess a number of unique and distinctive qualities you will not be able to find anywhere else. Many homeowners get too hung up on the idea of their flooring materials and, as a result, may loose sight of the more immediate impact their choice will have on their decor and surroundings. Ever interior environment is a little different and if one type of flooring is able to better compliment a planned or existing design scheme than it may not matter what type of material is used.


Investing in more durable flooring materials may be of critical importance when it comes to finding an option that is better able to withstand the day to day stress of a high-traffic room or area as well as selecting materials that will afford the best long-term value. As a general rule, laminates are more resistant to dents and scratching than hardwood floors, but they can be far more difficult to repair and rarely last as long as their natural counterparts. Concerns like foot traffic, exposure to sunlight and moisture and long-term budgets should all be considered prior to purchasing or installing a new floor.


When it comes to any home renovation or upgrade project, overall cost is often a paramount concern. Even the best high-end laminates and synthetic materials can often be found for a fraction of the cost homeowners might expect to pay for natural hardwood floors. While laminates may be the most attractive option for those who are seeking to make more cost-effective home improvements, the longer lifespan of natural hardwood floors and the possible need to replace laminate flooring should materials suffer damage or wear out over time is something that needs to be considered when determining overall cost.

Maintenance and Upkeep 

Routine upkeep and basic household maintenance can quickly become a major expense, especially for older properties or home’s that may have been neglected in the past. Laminate flooring makes basic maintenance and cleanup much easier as the floors are more resistant to spills, stains and daily wear and tear. While natural hardwoods can be refinished countless times throughout the lifespan of a floor, installations often require special efforts and cleaning efforts in order to maintain and restore. Both short-term and long-term costs and efforts should be considered carefully before deciding which option is best.

Christopher is an author and blogger who is passionate about home improvements projects. Making time to help family and friends while working with Brucke Flooring.

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