Home Office Ideas – Working From Home In Style

Working from home can be both blessing and a curse. Although in a way you are your own boss, and you organize your own work time, this is not for everyone. Being in your favorite place on earth, surrounded with things that can easily sidetrack you, working from home can be extremely ineffective. However, if you play your cards right this just might work. Simply reorganize your home office in order for it to become an ideal work environment. Removing all the distractions and optimizing your workstation at home is always worth all the effort invested, but is often easier said than done.

A Proper Workstation

Ancient Chinese developed the art of Feng Shui: an understanding of the world by which all things influenced one another. This meant that your mood, your attitude and your moral are often influenced even by inanimate objects in your vicinity. For this reasons, it was necessary for modern business to come up with a completely new notion: office ergonomics. This quite simple term means relying (partially) on the aforementioned Chinese art as well contemporary behavioral psychology in order to create an ideal work space.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one simply cannot work in an environment full of distractions. It is just the way things are. This is why it is an absolute imperative that you choose the room for your office wisely and arrange it so that it is distraction free. Keep only the most vital items in the room. This means your desk, your working computer, your phone and some other things you couldn’t do without. Next, hire labour for moving stuff around, especially if you want to make more space for your home office, and you want to get rid of hardware and junk occupying the room.

Simulating Productivity

There are some simple design tricks that can just do wonders for your productivity. This is why, you must design your office carefully. First thing you need here is a lot of light. With this in mind, do not try to save money on artificial light or the size of your windows. Next, for your walls, you need colors like red or orange to keep you awake, which is also why blue should be avoided at all times. In the end, in order to improve the atmosphere and oxygen flow in the room, add as much plants in its decoration as you like.

A Standing Desk

One of the most revolutionary and innovative tricks, for increasing your focus on the task at hand, is getting a standing desk. This of course does not mean that you will have to stand the entire time. Install a cozy sofa in the corner and sit on it during your breaks. A renowned and proven model is to work for 23 minutes then rest for 7. Using this method may help you get your job done more efficiently as well as benefit your health significantly.

In the end, where there is a will there is always a way. Working from home may have its drawbacks but it also has some significant benefits that cannot be disregarded. With careful planning, patience and a lot of effort most (if not all) of these flaws can be remedied. What you will be left with would be a perfect work environment in your own home. A notion that is nearly impossible to top.

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