Home Security Whilst On Holiday

I’ve always been a bit of a worrier when I go away on holiday and leave the house empty but over the last few days I’ve been watching the BBC programme “Break In Britain” and it’s probably made me even worse! It shows real life break ins and how much devastation they can cause. They go to the scene of the break in and score the house from one to ten for security and it’s surprising what things can knock the score down, things such as leaving tools lying around outside the house, high hedges etc.

They then make the house more secure for the owner. One of the things they seem to really like is to fit dummy security cameras. Personally I wouldn’t have thought they would be effective but apparently they are and are enough to persuade some burglars to move on to another area. It’s no good just buying a cheap thing from the local poundshop so I found this great looking one on the Edwardes Bros website which is very real looking and would fool most people into believing it is real.

The ESPCAM2001 looks real because it made by ESP who are a company with over 20 years in the home security business. It has a built in LED light just like a real camera does and the battery for the LED sits in a junction box which looks just like a real fitting. At £46.20 the ESPCAM2001 is priced similar to a real camera but without all the hassle of running cables along the wall or through the house it has to be a good choice and if the TV experts are recommending this type of camera then they must be a good choice.

I shouldn’t imaging that a camera like this would take more than 30 minutes to fit including getting out the tools and putting them away again and the battery is only going to need replacing once a year or so so maintenance is minimal.

I’s would say that for the peace of mind the ESPCAM2001 offers if has to be an excellent buy.

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