Thursday 06 May 2021

Homework Hound – Fun Facts For Parents

Homework Hound - Fun Facts For Parents

Homework Hound is an Australian based education source providers. They are a team of primary school teachers and parents of children with special needs, who believes that homework activities should be fun for each child. It should shy away from the traditional time consuming and boring workloads. Homework Help makes sure that homework time would be a fun and engaging time for children and their parents.

The Change That Can Improve Your Child’s Strength and Learning Potential

Homework is always the same for every child. It’s one of the most dreaded and uninspiring school activity that kids bring at home. Many parents are struggling when its “homework time”. Kids try to get away from it as much as possible. In the end, the child is forced to do it and does not learn much from it.

With Homework Hound, the lessons are aligned with the Australian National Curriculum which puts more focus on English and Mathematics. Their weekly reports to parents of the child’s’ progress help mom and dad identify the areas where the child is challenged. Click here to know more about the lessons that they offer to children across Australia.

Homework Hound - Fun Facts For Parents

Why Choose Homework Hound?

There are so many reasons why Homework Hound is the most trusted education resource provider for both parents and teachers. They make sure that children are engaged with the lessons through a series of questions that are linked to their school curriculum. Here are the benefits that kids, parents, and teachers benefit from Homework Hound.

  • Instant Feedback. What parents would want is for them to know the progress of their children. Homework Hound provides the most detailed regular reports of the child’s’ learning progress and in what areas are they challenged.
  • Over 25,000 Questions. Kids learn through answering questions. This is why at Homework Hound, they have over 25,000 questions available for the children, each question is linked to the Australian National Curriculum. Whatever your child is learning here are suited for their age and their needs.
  • Interactive Education Games. Children love to play games using their tablets or mobile phones. So why not make it into something where they learn while they play? Homework Hound has readily available interactive educational games that would be perfect for every child.
  • Parental Hints and Tips. For every child, the parent receives the feedback and a guide on how to support their children. You will be able to effectively support your child in their challenged areas through this guide provided by Homework Hound.
  • Printable Worksheets. Learning is still at a different level when kids use actual worksheets. At Homework Hound, worksheets are print-ready. You can even have it personalized to make it more fun and engaging for children.

Learning should never be taken for granted. The child learns every day. It should not stop as soon as they step out of their classrooms. Even at home, parents would be able to guide their children through their homework. Remember that the more fun and engaging it is, the more learnings they have that can surely last with them.

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