Hospitable Portugal: TOP 7 Coolest Gadgets For Diving!

Portugal is a favorable platform for diving. You can dive on the Azores, Madeira, and on the continent. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean are full of endemic fish and mollusks. These places are also popular with the beautiful landscapes, rocky reefs, underwater caves and wrecked ships. What is more, the Azores are good for diving to watch whales. There are few companies to help you to organize diving tours.

The most popular diving place you can find in the South part of Madeira. It is called the Parcial do Garajau Sea Park. There is another attractive place – T-Reef that is situated 400 meters far from the Sea Park. This is two rocks that are hidden under the water. Their tops are 12 meters high above the sea level. The underwater cave of T-Reef is situated 12 meters deep to be 50 meters long. It is good for newcomers. There is a pleasant surprise in the region of Ponto del Sol – wrecked ship Bowbelle that was wrecked in 1996. Machico is a place where you can dive close to the beach line. You can find the black corrals at a depth of 40 meters. If you like nigh diving, you should go to Reis Magos.

Algarve is a part of the continent that is situated 300 kilometers from Lisbon to the South. It is also attractive for diving. You can also go underwater hunting here. What about the North of the country? Porto is not the world popular center for the beach rest, but you can also have an opportunity for diving and surfing here. You may hire a car in Porto and go to Nazare. The territory is big and picturesque. The waves are always big.


If you are fond of diving and you always want to take some pictures from the underwater, listen to your favorite music, you should learn more about the modern gadgets that are helpful for a modern diver.

Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof

If you want to listen to the music under the water, you should buy Finis SwiMP3. It is considered to be one of the best gadgets in the class of underwater players. There are two vibrator-translators that are placed on the diving glasses. The player and the control keys are placed on the back of your head. The player is able to play music files for 30 hours.

DriPro, Underwater iPhone Case

Some of iPhone lovers don’t need to buy special camera. They are absolutely happy to take pictures on their iPhone. They are right. You may buy the iPhone case from DRiPro to use your iPhone underwater as a player and camera on the depth of 10 meters. The case is usually placed, hanging from the hand or neck. It has three protective zipping layers. You can use your iPhone for taking video because it does not respond to your touch. Just switch your camera on, put your phone in the case and go diving.

CR 006 Underwater Camera

The camera is good for watching fish and other sea inhabitants. You can also use it for learning wrecked ships or other underwater treasures. You can pick the cable for your camera 20-50 meters long. You can use your camera on the distance up to 6 meters. The camera is a guarantee to get adrenaline buzz from the underwater world, even if you are not good in diving.


If you have a good compact camera, you can easily use it for underwater shooting only of you can buy a good aqua box for it. This is a special box with a big button that pushes the camera button to switch it on. There are special stripes to fix the camera of different size inside the box. The maximal depth where you can use camera is 30 meters. The box is 7 centimeters high, 5 wide.

Liquid Image Scuba Mask

If you want to have your hands free underwater, you can provide shooting with the help of special mask. There are many popular brands of masks. For example, you may use the cheap variant from Liquid Image. This underwater mask is equipped with the 5-megapixel camera that is absolutely automatic with the memory about 16 GB. The camera is controlled with the help of big buttons that are easy to touch under the water. There are also 4 batteries. You can use it on the depth of 5 meters. The mask is also equipped with the silicone pipe to breath.

There is another wise decision to keep your hands free for underwater shooting. Chinavasion offers to solve your problem for $116,99. This is a diving mask with the camera on it. Of course, the mask is equipped with the breath pipe and $ GB camera that can be used to make video and pictures. Traditionally, the camera is easy to use. You should push special button to hold it for a second for pictures and more than a second for making video. The mask vibration informs you that your command is done.

Diving Smart Console

The small Sweden company Aqwary boasts the newest technologic project that is attractive for all divers. The gadget is named the Smart Console. It has 7 sensors that help you to take the depth level, direction, water temperature, air control, distance to other team members. The chain includes for 70 divers. The console works with the help of WiFi. So, you can also see the information about your group mates. The information can be translated to the Cloud storage for further analyzing.

Mask for GoPro

Octomask helps you to take your favorite GoPro with you. This mask is especially attractive for extreme divers. The mask is equipped with the special locking for all Go Pro models. As you can understand, the camera works while you are working. You may have a crazy speed or extreme conditions, it still reliable works. It makes your diving opportunities wider. You can swim with dolphins and share your impressions right now and right here. The price for mask can be about $80.

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