Hot Water… A Better Way To Heat Your Home

Choosing to heat your home with a hot water boiler is a very smart decision investment-wise and to ensure your family’s comfort. Unlike a furnace that forces hot air through a network of ducts, a hot water boiler provides heat throughout your home by circulating hot water through a network of pipes to baseboard radiators or radiate floor systems. This results in a more consistent heating that keeps your home more comfortable and eliminates the noise of a furnace blowing an initial blast of hot air and discomfort of fluctuating temperatures in your home.

A More Energy-Efficient Way to Heat

If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your home, a hot water boiler heating system in Green Bay WI is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Unlike boilers of the past, today’s boilers are much more energy efficient. Some models offer AFUE ratings between 90 to 100 percent, which is considered as being a high-efficiency heating system.

While the initial upfront cost to install a boiler in a home that currently uses a furnace, there are certain advantages to having this type of heating system installed. Of course, there is the energy savings, but there is the comfort value. You may also be eligible for rebates through your local utilities or tax credits.

A More Comfortable Home

Heating systems that produce hot air that is blown through ducts tend to cause the air in the home to become dry. During the winter when more heat is needed, this can be a problem causing you or family members to experience dry skin or nosebleeds. It is also not good for your home. Dry air can cause damage to your wood flooring. It also helps generate static electricity that is dangerous to the electronics in your home and uncomfortable for those your get suffer shocks just by merely walking across a carpet.

Hot water heat maintains a more comfortable and stable humidity level within your home. This helps keep your family more comfortable. Unlike furnaces, that circulate air throughout the home, you do not have to worry about contaminants such as dust being circulated throughout the home because it is a closed system. With a furnace, you need to rely on ductwork to get heat to air vents and the problem with this is that dust can get into the system even if you change filters frequently. A hot water boiler does not require filters or ductwork to get the job done.

Unlimited Hot Water

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a hot water boiler heating system in Green Bay WI is that when you choose a combo unit that acts as a tankless hot water heater also, you have an endless supply of hot water. No more running out of hot water in the shower! That in itself is a great reason to switch to this type of heating.

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