How can one use bulk SMS in theater business?

Bulk SMS Services are used by mostly all the leading organization of the Indian and international market. Everyone wants to be updated when it comes to Information about movies, entertainment, Theater and also they are looking for convenience for booking their tickets easily and without standing in the long queues outside the movie halls.

The bulk SMS service in Mumbai is for you and your convenience. The Theaters can promote their plays and movies through the bulk promotional SMS, can confirm your ticket through SMS service, and can also send show timings to the audience. There are a number of solutions that can be offered to the cinema industry with the help of various kinds of SMS and text messaging. The SMS Service is known to improve the services tremendously and also the quality of your brand awareness along with the customer loyalty. Usually it is the EXCEL plugin with the help of which the SMS can be sent directly to the handset of the users. It is also very easy for the clients to remove and add contacts to the SMS contact list. These bulk SMS APIs are supported by PHP, C#, Java, .net, VB.Net, and so on. Therefore these bulk SMSs are used globally to send any kind of information to the users.

These Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai are known for providing the best in the world SMS Services to the theater and Cinema Industry. Various kinds of SMS Services such as promotional SMS, transactional SMS, voice SMS, subscribed SMS service and the toll free SMS are all provided for the assistance of the industry and also SMS gateways are integrated to improve the quality of consumer interaction.

Below mentioned services are offered by the bulk SMS providers for the theater, cinema and multiplex:

Payment notification
Book Tickets through SMS
Confirmation of booked Seat along with number and Time of the show etc.
Offer and discounts available
Promotion on future Movies
Special discounts
Information related to any kind of change in the Schedule

There are end number of users who are already using the Bulk SMS service and are very happy about it. All their needs related to Text messaging can be easily met. The premium services offered by the SMS providers help and guide the users to reach out to their target audience in a small timeframe. You would also be guided as to how you can send bulk SMS. Various features of bulk SMS include:

Speedy delivery – Multiple delivery routes to ensure that messages reach on time.
Intuitive user experience – User friendly platform
Effective management of Do not disturb numbers – Messages are delivered to DND number as well.
Integrated and real time delivery reports – Easy track of delivery status of your message
Multiple gateways of payment – Pay via your convenient mode of payment
Live support – In case of any issue you can always get in touch with the customer services team
Transparent and honest pricing – The prices are dynamic if compared to one service provider to another
Secure payment – Easily enter the card details without any doubts

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