How ERP Software Helps College Management?

If you talk about adopting technologies, education sector is not lagging behind in going in trend with the new technologies. There are a number of technologies that are re-shaping the higher education industry and helping colleges to focus more on quality education. One such well- known technology changing the higher education is the college management ERPs.

Colleges are institutions who have to structure their academic activities and also manage the administration process. However, the objective of providing quality education is only served through various academic activities.  So what are all the places where colleges should focus? Colleges should not get much stuck much in the administrative work rather they should plan their academic activities. Collage administrative processes can be automated through College ERP System. One just has to choose the Best ERP software for colleges and customise it accordingly. ERP for Higher Education is not just limited to administration activities; the systematic insights can help colleges to structure and strategize the academic activities in an improved way. ERPs play a vital role in reshaping colleges and help them on focusing on the quality of education. If the correct college erp system is implemented it can prove beneficial by automating only some critical processes of the college.

How College ERP System helps the College Management?

  1. It reshapes College Administration Process and technology in Education

There are many processes in college which are recurring and can simply ease out the administration process if automated. Not only do these technologies make the college administration easy but also save many labour intensive resources, materials, Time, and money.

  1. Admissions

Every year there are millions of students that apply for college admission, just think about the enquiry forms the college gets. All the information that is mentioned in the forms is very critical and needs to kept safely. This makes admissions the most hectic and labour-intensive activity. The Admission process includes 4 stages-


Written Exam

Interview Round

Admission offer

      3.Fee management

This is a very important function of college management. The process has to be error free and is also repetitive. Nowadays, parents as well as students prefer doing online payments. ERP Student Information Software automates this process and also sends information and notifications on time.

  1. Student information and records

Every college has hundreds to thousands student enrolled and studying, the number can be more too. Therefore, a student database which contains admission information, parent information, contact details, etc. needs to be maintained by all the educational institutes.

  1. Managing relationship with Alumni

Alumni are one of the most significant criteria for students to shortlist any college. Alumni are like the brand ambassador of the college. Therefore managing alumni relations has now become an important activity from the viewpoint of college branding. It is necessary for colleges to be connected with alumni, keep them updated with all the college activities & provide them a social platform where they can search their friends or batch mates.  By using ERP software makes students more friendly for their education by which they can gain better insights on its administration and also gain better control over the academic and management processes.

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