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How Has Technology Revolutionized The Concept Of Education?

How Has Technology Revolutionized The Concept Of Education?

Like fish take to water; these days the teens have adapted themselves so well with technology that it is useless and unproductive to teach them the subject of technology itself. Now a day’s, teens have blended brilliantly well with technology and are well known and familiarized with the consequences and effects of this novel concept. If we go back to the history, technology is the product of extreme globalization. It has been more prominent and highlighted in this current century than ever before. Our elders and ancestors are totally alien, unfamiliar, and unknown to this approach and consider it as a bizarre and inexplicable invention. It has its cons too, alongside its pros. It has entangled every individual in its web and no single individual is seen not affected by it. With the passage of time, it has been modernized and enhanced in its speed, usage, consequences, concerns and its utility and convenience. More and more individuals are seen operating with it, with technology manipulating them and that is why, due to its numerous advantages education has started to incorporate technology as the main driving force behind teaching the students. It is a global phenomenon and many students across the world are seen using this without any hesitation and as an obligation. Despite of the old habits, many educators have taken the risk of incorporating and integrating technology in their lecture delivering methods. Let us observe various new trends in the amalgamation of education and technology.

How Has Technology Revolutionized The Concept Of Education?

Change in the Style of Lectures

In the early days, the teacher and student relationship was based on one to one lecture. Teachers used to write all the imperative notes on the boards which were then copied by the students. But now, projectors and multimedia is used for this purpose. Students are exposed to a variety of new lectures with frequently asked questions to facilitate the students. Moreover, audiovisual aid along with the software’s are used to make lectures more easy and convenient. That is why, the number of students in the past decade has increased as education is right at their doorstep.

Online Help

As an informal way, students interact with the cyber world and take help from it in the form of notes. They can browse and search different websites that are educational in nature and guide the students about homework help and in assignment writing as well. Websites offer help in a great way, students prefer taking help from it in their homework’s as well as classwork.

Online Programs

Distance education has facilitated students to a great extent; students from all over the world can create an online small village and discuss their queries and questions as well. Various universities are offering programs and helped students by initiating courses for masters as well as bachelors level which has greatly revolutionized this approach.

Articles and Blogs

As an informal source, students look for articles, opinions and blogs that are available on different websites free of costs. Through these, students take help and exchange of ideas takes place and the diffusion of thoughts and perceptions take place in an extremely conducive way.

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