How Internet Marketing Will Affect Different Industries This Year

The launch of a new product or service requires a fair amount of marketing. Marketing as we know is no longer limited to the confines of offline marketing. Creating relevant digital properties, including web portals, mobile apps, social media tools, etc. form the foundation of online marketing. It must be noted however, that the trends of online marketing change periodically. This is something which is dynamic. This year the following trends have taken off in the online marketing niche:

Adequately Worded Content

Content that spans across some 1,500 odd words per article coupled with interactive media is heavily recommended. Search engines have narrowed their search ranking priorities to websites that offer high quality and elaborate content. The content must also be non-plagiarized as the original content is given higher preference in search rankings in such cases. Short content that contain mostly spam and non-optimized text have low priority in search rankings.

Calculated Keyword Count

Keywords are imperative for good online marketing, no doubts about it. However, some believe that spamming a particular set of keywords throughout a passage will improve their search ranking. This is untrue. The keyword count must not exceed beyond a limit. If the search algorithm detects keyword spamming, the ranking of the page is reduced by default.

Mobile Optimized Websites

Another major criterion for good search ranking and a very popular one at that is the optimization of websites for mobile devices. The websites of today need to be responsive. It is expected by the user that a website will possess the same amount of sophistication as they’ve witnessed on the desktop browser. Web design languages like bootstrap have made it easier for developers to create pages that adapt to different categories of devices such as phones, tablets and computers. Failing to have mobile optimized content means that search rankings may deteriorate.

Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology

With a slew of manufacturers coming up with smart watches and virtual reality headsets, one upcoming sector would be that of marketing in the media associated with such technologies. Product and service placement in such virtual advents will mean maximum exposure especially to early adopters, as the field itself is relatively untouched. As expert internet marketing consultants say, the idea should always be to Think Big Online and think innovation.

Social Media

Interactive content is one of the driving factors of good online presence. This can be achieved either by having a large user base on the company website itself, having great social media presence or both. Owing to terms such as ‘like’, ’tweet’, ’pin’ etc, it is possible today to reach out to a wide audience that otherwise couldn’t be tapped. The number of times such buttons are pressed to indicate liking or disliking on public platforms, it increases the visible engagement of the website. This in turn benefits search ranking immensely and works for the best of the website. This is excluding the traffic directing social media websites such as StumbleUpon, which can further augment the flow of organic traffic. Explore the arena of social media marketing further at

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