How Salesforce Is Instrumental In Making Big Data Easy

Big data that comes with volume, variety, and velocity seems to be a reality today for those big and small businesses that believed that the only important perspective of Big Data is volume. Today Big Data is certainly not a mystery anymore and there is no need for IT experts to unveil its secrets in any geek’s conference. Big Data is a pretty common tool that is being employed frequently by organizations and that too with phenomenal success. However, the fact remains that even though today people are quite familiar with the concept of Big Data, they are still not 100 percent sure about reaping the benefits of Big Data. They need to learn how to leverage Big Data for achieving business growth and success. The focus has been on the volume of structured, as well as, unstructured data and there has been a gradual shift toward what all these data lakes could be doing for the growth and progress of your business.

Salesforce Focuses on Big Data

The reality is, most businesses are not yet able to exploit Big Data completely and they are still unable to reap the benefits of Big Data. The main reason for this could be attributed to the lack of cutting-edge and scalable databases. Salesforce mitigated this issue by introducing the Wave Analytics Platform in the year 2014. As this was not good enough, Salesforce came up with the eagerly awaited Salesforce Wave meant for Big Data in the year 2015. This has been the most expected tool since it boasts of fruitful partnerships in databases with the most renowned and largest data companies worldwide including New Relic, Google, Informatica, Hortonworks, Cloudera, and Trifecta. Salesforce is helping businesses to learn about the true value of Big Data. Salesforce DX has really worked wonders and has effectively opened up avenues which were thought to be impossible until recently.

The Contribution of Partners

The partnership between New Relic, Google, Informatica, Horton works, Cloudera, and Trifecta, the six amazing IT organizations have been intended for empowering all kinds of data users for exploring an amazing variety of data. This certainly allows for progress and positive results in their business. It is believed that the Salesforce Wave meant for Big Data definitely has the potential for leveraging quite common tools like BigQuery of Google for getting a better outlook of the businesses. Companies could then effectively enhance their service delivery simply by making effective use of Big Data. By exploiting effectively the vast data sources available on Hortonworks today, businesses could certainly enjoy better ROI.


The reputed and most effective Salesforce Analytics Cloud app could be available easily on iOS. The ground-breaking product would be making Big Data a grand reality for all those businesses both large, as well as, small that have been thinking right from the beginning that volume would be the one and only factor associated with Big Data. However, today it is possible to search and identify any specific data source. You could encounter and enjoy a truly dynamic experience. Moreover, with so much of data that is flowing in, from various sources including mobile channels and social media network organizations would now be having a much clear understanding of the interactions. For more information, please visit

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