How The Right Accommodations Can Make or Break Your Business Trip

What makes a business trip go smoothly? Is it the connectivity? Is it the amenities? Is it the right location? What if you could have all of the above, on every trip? If it sounds too good to be true, you have probably stayed in some poorly run hotels with technology from the early 2000s. This guide is perfect for you. With the right accommodations, your next business trip is going to go as well as you can plan it to. The rest is up to your own business traveler tricks.

Find a Hotel with Everything

Did you know some hotel brands try to include everything that their guests want? Yes, there are actual hotels that care about their guests and want to ensure that they have every amenity. For example, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place is going to have the same amenities as a Hyatt in another city because the brand has standardized all of its amenities in every hotel for the business traveler. In these hotels, you’ll find consistently good WiFi, a charging station, advanced Keurig coffee makers, and even business traveler centers, where you can print off those last-minute one-sheets.

Look for Amenities that Matter

If you are someone who always orders room service, then you better find a hotel with the cuisine and options you like. In addition to consistent amenities, Hyatt also offers the “Hyatt Has It” program, which is another branded package for ordering anything up to your room that you might forget such as deodorant, toothpaste, hair grooming kits, phone chargers, and more.

Complimentary Transportation

Getting around fast is also a good way to spend your business trip. When hotels have complimentary shuttle services or even a private driver program, you’ll be able to go everywhere you need at your schedule. This makes conference trips incredibly easy.

Stay Where the People Are

When looking at places for a business trip, where is everyone else going? You don’t want to be far away because you’ll miss out on all the fun and networking as well. In addition, conferences may even designate hotels where people can get better rates. Business travelers should always stay in areas that are close by to these conferences because you’ll likely want to grab a bite to eat and need to freshen up quickly after a long day before heading to after hour’s events.

Always, Always, Always Get Unlimited, Free WiFi

This is 2019, so you shouldn’t expect to pay to connect to good WiFi. Being able to instantly get online at your hotel if you are a business traveler is a main priority. This is a must, and it’s something that older and even some luxury hotels try to charge their guests. However, in this day and age, there should be no need to pay for WiFi at a hotel. Everything should be consistently connected with a strong signal throughout the hotel.

Research the Area

Are you in charge of picking the hotel? Then you better make sure it will accommodate dining and entertainment needs, as well as fast routes to your meet-up locations. You want to be in an area that’s business-minded but also has a good place to grab a steak dinner, especially if you plan to network.

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