Sunday 09 May 2021

How To Become An Amazingly Better Listener?

Listening is a very important and critical factor in the lives of students. If they are poor at listening or cannot practice active listening to their benefit, they can’t face various academic challenges and also fail to comprehend courses, lectures and assignments. This is why,for the school age, listening is and has always been taught to students and then as students grow, they need to practice the art by different techniques or tips.

How To Become An Amazingly Better Listener?

When students are sitting in a lecture room or class active listening becomes a key factor because they need to understand what is being said and then act upon it. Active listening not only helps students learn better and find good revision opportunities because they know the course already, but also allows them to remember critical points that the professor talked about during the lecture. Similarly, active listening in an exam allows students to better understand the requirements and instructions of the exam or an essay paper and manage it in a much better way. Students usually lose their concentration very easily whether it’s an exam, lecture or an assignment and this is because they do not really focus on improving their active listening techniques. Today’s academic blog post will be talking about four ways that can help students become a better listener.

Concentrate Completely and Avoid Distractions

The number one barrier to poor listening is the habit of allowing distractions and surroundings to affect your concentration. Always practice on avoiding any distractions or your surroundings to make listening difficult for you. Provide full concentration to what is being said. Some students try to make pointers and notes if they are listening to something important this allows them to find better concentration while listening. You can also develop such habits to ensure that none of the surroundings make your concentration get hampered.

Being Emphatic and Mindful

Sometimes you become too careless to understand the effort that goes into speaking and communicating. Take an example of a teacher teaching a class of 100 students and imagine the amount of effort it takes for him to properly concentrate and speak to the whole class of completely different students all the time. By thinking of their positions and putting yourselves in their shoes you will be able to better understand that effort and then respect it enough to listen properly. You can also practice mindfulness in order to become a better listener.

Repeat or Say Acknowledging Words

Sometimes when you have been listening for too long, your mind can shut itself off due to information overload. The best way to counter that is to sometimes repeat what is being said in key points or saying acknowledging words or expressions which can confirm to the speaker that you have grasped what is being said and also signify them to take a brief pause or break in between. Students can purchase term paper from authentic and credible forums with easy online access to benefit their academics.

Develop Listening as a Habit

Be an active listener; improve your listening skills by focusing on listening to some complicated programs, speeches and lectures that allow you to fully practice your listening skills.

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