How To Choose A Good Management Institute To Get Admission In Delhi

It takes a lot of research, time and passion to decide on the course you want to pursue for your post-graduation. But that is certainly not where the toil ends. Choosing the right institute matters as much as the course you are taking up. The struggle is especially real when it comes to students who want to pursue management from a good institute in the capital city. Read on to know how to choose a good management institute in Delhi NCR.

Analysing your goal:

Before you zero down on a college it is important that you understand your motivation to pursue a management course in the first place. What matters more to you in the long run? Whether you want to start your own venture or join someone else; whether it’s the international experience or salary raise you are looking for; whether you are a switcher or a career progressor; or whether you want to enhance your skills or broaden your avenues. An in-depth analysis will make you aware of your interests. You can then assess the various management institutes on the basis of their specialisation. The one that has the best specialisation you want to pursue, should be your potential institute.


India has about 3500 B-schools. Of them, only 1000 are accredited. Accreditation ensures quality education, credit transfers, and financial credits. If a B-school is not accredited, it can’t participate in student assistance programmes by the Government. Another drawback of holding a non-accredited degree is that it is not recognised by the public sector or institutions if you want to apply for higher studies. Top management institutes in Delhi like IILM are accredited from relevant educational bodies like AICTE, AUE, University Grants Commission, etc.

Profile of faculty:

The quality and experience of the faculty teaching in the institute is a very important factor to keep in mind while choosing a B-School in Delhi or other cities. You must understand that apart from being good teachers they should also have a dynamic professional experience. They will be in a better position to guide you and prepare you for the industry. You should also be aware of the visiting faculty and how many hours they devote to the students. Teachers can be mentors and their counsel is invaluable. You can find out about the faculty by checking out the brochure or the website of the institute.

Future assistance:

Students pursuing their education from a PGDM college in Delhi NCR or other top cities either want to get placed well or want to gain the skills to successfully start and run their own companies.

No matter which road you choose, assistance comes in handy. A dedicated branch should help the students with the recruitment process and prepare them every step along the professional way. They should make them employable. This is where keeping a track of the alumni placed from the website helps.  


Management degrees are expensive. What’s better than a B-School offering scholarships? Keep an eye on the schools that can cover your education costs and apply accordingly.

These were the various things you should consider before joining a management institute in Delhi NCR. Reputed colleges such as IILM B-school provides global study experience, foreign faculty, experiential learning and strong alumni network – attributes one should keep in mind before choosing a good management institute.


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