How to Deal With Actors Who Can’t Act When Making No-Budget Movies?

There are plenty of options associated with the act of making films. With consumer-level cameras and latest editing software, it is theoretically possible to create movies with non-existent budget. Although we won’t be able to produce professional quality films, we may still be able to provide something interesting for the audience. With enough resourcefulness and ingenuity, we should be able to deliver a satisfactory outcome. There are so many obstacles that we need to face when we have zero budget and need to use all available resources. It also means that we need to work with actors and actresses who don’t know anything about acting. Unconvincing and wooden performance will ruin our production.

On the other hands, it is unlikely that would be able to get hold of an Oscar-worthy performer. In this case, we should have a strategy that can make all the performances work in our film. In many cases, we will need to ask the help of our acquaintances and friends, who can’t act. However, given the right guidance, it is possible for someone to offer convincing acting works in the film. Motivation is also a problem that is associated with unpaid actors. They may need to be given enough instructions and what they need to do. In fact, we may need to start a training session that can help people perform more convincingly. They need to concentrate in providing convincing performance, instead of trying to recall their lines.

Because these untrained actors are often intimidated by the script, it is a better thing to let go of the script. These people shouldn’t waste their mental energy on understanding and remembering lines. This task is something that professional actors can do flawlessly, but these unpaid actors are often worse than amateurs. It is more important to make them understand about their character and try to make them act more naturally. It is much easier to describe the scene, instead of giving them detailed lines. We could give them a starting sentence to say for each scene and they could come up with their own lines. They will know what to say for a specific situation in their real life and this gives a sense of realness to the scene.

When working with actors and actresses with zero skill and experience, this should help us save plenty of time. We shouldn’t be bogged down with the act of refining any single detail of the dialogue. The film production process can be more fluid and rapid. Actors find it easier to memorize concepts than rigid lines. If we adopt this principle in any area of movie production, things will much faster to achieve. It is a good idea to use at least two cameras. One primary camera and another used to capture important details that may not be covered by the first. We should be able to capture enough information, as well as saving time for shooting. The editing time can be reduced significantly too.

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