How To DIY Your French Manicure!

Trend of nail painting has been in vogue since long and the women and the girls try all the trendy tricks on their nails. The added advantage of French manicure is that generally pale or nude shades are used and the tips are painted in square or crescent shape with white nail polish. It matches with all types & hues of outfits, so you are spared with the last minute decision to choose nail paints matching your outfit.

French manicure looks elegant on long nails and you have the option to either grow your nails or use acrylic or gel nails to give length to your nails. Preference is totally yours. French manicure set is available in pharmacies or departmental stores and you can even prefer to buy online from reputed portals.

DIY Steps to French Manicure

Remove Nail Paint

First and foremost, remove nail paint from your nails by using nail paint remover of reputed brand. Clean it thoroughly through the cracks and the edges of cuticles. Prefer chemical free remover so that your nails are not damaged by the chemicals. Use cotton swab to remove nail polish, there should not be any traces. If you are wearing acrylic nails, handle with care.

Trim and Shape your Nails

Trim your nails in the desired length and shape them as per your preference. If you wish to wear acrylic nails, trim all nails of both hands in even length and then using glue, paste the acrylic nails. When dried, trim and shape them nicely. For acrylic nails, follow the instructions on the packing. Use filer to shape them in square or round shape. Dust the residue thoroughly to give a clean and smooth finish.

Soak your Nails in Liquid

To soften your cuticles, soak nails of both the hands in warm olive oil, milk or water in a bowl. Soak them for three-four minutes and pat them dry.

Push Cuticles

Using orange stick or cuticle pusher, push the cuticles back to bring a shape to your nails. Massage the nails with cuticle oil for two minutes and rub alcohol to get rid of oils on the nails.

Apply Base Coat

Paint your nails with sheer pink nail paint and let it dry for two minutes. If you are using gel nails, then dry them under LED lights for 45 seconds. Once dried, apply second coating of base coat smoothly from base to tip giving a clean and clear appearance. Let it dry thoroughly before you move to next step.

Paint the Nail Tips with White Paint

Use crescent shaped nail guides that comes along with the French manicure set. Apply on the nails as per the instructions and paint the tips with white paint. Let it dry and give a second coat of white paint. Start from one side of nail to another side and give a smooth finish. Remove nail guides from the nails.

Final Finishing Touch

Give final finishing to your nails by painting them with a top coat of transparent nail paint. Apply two coating of top coat and let it dry. If you are using gel nails, dry them under LED lights for 45 seconds. Top coating provides longevity to the French manicure.


Follow the above steps of French manicure religiously to get a smooth and perfect look to your fingers. Generally, pale, cream and nude shades are used with white edges but if you desire to give a different look, you can pain them in contrast keeping the edges painted with white, black or glitter. The preference is open, it depends upon your preference and choice of colors. Use reputed brand of French manicure set to give a lasting and sheen finish.

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