How To Do Your Own Cheap Bike Repairs And Maintenance

If you love riding your bike, but you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money for repairs or replacement when something goes wrong, maybe it is time for you to learn how to do some of your own cheap bike repairs. There are many things that you can easily do yourself to keep your bike in great shape for many years to come, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

Replace the Kickstand

This is an easy job, and one that you can do for less than $20. You can get a new kickstand at just about any store that sells bicycles and bicycle parts. You can also order a new kickstand online. Replacing it is as easy as unscrewing the old one and screwing the new one in place. If there are any special instructions for installation, they will be included in the new kickstand kit. Some bikes don’t come with kickstands, so you may want to see if you are able to install one if you think you will need it. You can find useful help at websites like BikesOrBicycles.

Headlights for Night Riding

If you are going to be riding your bicycle at night, it is a good idea to install a headlight. This is easy to do, and there is no electricity involved. You simply connect the headlight so that the connections contact the wheels. As long as the wheels are in motion, the light will be on. The faster you ride, the brighter the light will be. There are also newer battery-operated headlights that you can install, but they are a bit more costly. The old-fashioned type is less expensive, and will work just as well.

Make a Tube Patch Repair Kit

It is always a good idea to have a patch kit nearby, just in case you happen to puncture a tire while you are riding. You can buy a repair kit at any hardware store, automotive supplies store, or department store, or you can easily make your own with items you probably already have in your home and save some money. The patches may not look as good as one you buy in the store, but it will fix the tire until you can do a better repair later or replace the tire. All you need for your home-made repair kit are small pieces of an old inner tube, contact cement, and sand paper. Sand down the area that needs to be repaired, apply contact cement, and place a small piece of inner tube rubber on top. Apply more contact cement around the rubber to make sure there is a good seal.

Replacing a Chain

If yours is the type of bike that has a chain, you should know how to replace it, because it can break at the most inopportune time. Also, chains should be replaced every so often anyway, as they do wear out over time. This is another one of those cheap bike repairs that you can easily do once you know how. If you don’t already know how to do this, ask someone who does to show you, or go online to watch a video, as it can get a bit tricky.

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