How To Dress For A Semi-Formal Event

Many of us are blurred of the term “Semi formal” when it comes to dressing for such an event. The term is surely a paradoxical one in its own self as it lies somewhere in the middle of “formal” and “informal” dressing. But keep in mind it is yet a strict dress code that requires specific attire, but with a freedom to tinker with it a little. Many men also get confused about how to dress for a night event and vice versa. Here are a few tips that will help you dress right up for the occasion with a classy statement of your own.

Dressing For A Daytime Semi-Formal Event:

The daytime signifies brightness and has a light feeling to it, so obviously dressing dark is not a good angle to go around such an event. Always dress light for the daytime events. A white shirt with black buttons would do just fine, but like I said earlier, you can also choose to wear any other light color. But do make sure it is not out of league with the rest of your dress.

Ever heard the term, ‘sword to a gunfight’? The same goes for a tuxedo in a semi formal event. No tux please and wearing it at daytime is even a bigger sin than wearing it at all. It is something only worn in evenings and in formal events strictly.

Next comes the suit; try to wear a cream or tanned colored jacket that fits your body. Tie is something that’s goes optional in such an event. You can wear it if you like, but it still tilts over a little to being overdressed, but that’s ok, you can always lose it if it feels a bit too bold.

Your shoes and belt as a whole should compliment your suit. Shinny oxford shoes would be my best bet. Your shoes tell a lot about your personality, so make sure they shine throughout the event.

Dressing For A Night Time Semi-Formal Event:

The day’s counterpart is dark and elegant. As late an event is, the classier you should dress. Your dress should always reflect your environment, so keep a strict check on time.

The shirt remains the same way, but white would be just fine for a night time event; no need to switch among colors even if they are light shaded. Cufflinks should be worn instead of buttoning up the sleeves. The cufflinks shouldn’t be overstated rather mild in texture and color.

No, a tuxedo is still not a good idea for a semi formal event. Even if it is the time for it, it is not the right event for it.

Your suit should be dark in the night events. A dark blue or charcoal color would serve you just right extending an outstanding statement. But you still wouldn’t want to be too loud in your jacket pick. There is a very simple formula to go around while playing with colors of your jacket. The bluer it gets, the bluer the colors you should go for.

The semi-formal is a pretty experimental event when it comes to dressing. Like I said, you can always tinker with the colors and even a few accessories. You can wear a watch having a normal sized dial. Your accessories should not be too flashy rather they must complement your whole dress code. One thing worth keeping in mind is that being overdressed is better than being underdressed.

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