How To Dress Like A European

You will be amazed to see how well does any European women dresses up. You would hardly get to see any women who isn’t properly dressed. Even on the regular basis chores and tasks like going to grocery store for buying milk. The mothers would be seen in skirts and high heels with the baby strollers, picking up their kids from elementary schools. The best advice on how to dress up the best should be taken from Parisians, as they are the best at fashion, even on daily basis. This article would be helpful to you in understanding Women’s European Fashion, and how you can too dress like that.

  1. No specific rule

There isn’t any specific rule to be followed when dressing like a European. You may know this, that people in Paris generally prefer to wear black only. But when you will actually be walking the streets in Paris, you will get to see many fashionable people, who would be wearing all shades of colors. Anyhow, whatever style statement you follow, try to add your personal style to it as well.

  1. Simplicity at its best

European women tend to keep their collection of clothes classic and simple. They go for those clothes which wouldn’t scream for too much attention, keeping it simple. Such clothes you can wear again, with just a little bit of addition made to it, with the right accessories. Accessories play a main role here, they bring the outfit along and makes it look trendy and fashionable enough. You can also opt for contrasting of clothes, which is commonly seen on streets, such as wearing an oversized sweater or jacket with skinny jean or tight skirt.

  1. The right fit

Many of us may have assumed, that Europeans look their best, as they have wardrobe filled with designer clothes and accessories, but this really isn’t true. European clothing for women is not just about the designer clothes. They do wear high end items such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Topshop, Gap, and other such multinational company clothing, just as we do. But the real secret is the fitting, so when the fitting of clothes is not right for them, they get them tailored. These small alterations make your clothes look and fit better.

  1. Effortless hair and scarfs

When trying to set your perfectly, you can try to keep it natural, messy and simple. European women don’t fuss around much with their hairdo, like it won’t be a surprise, if they just got out of their bed and randomly tied them up.

Scarfs are the best accessory used by European to put their outfit together. It works the best, where a cotton or light silk scarf is good option for summer time, and cozy and warm works the best for winter time.

  1. Be confident in your shoes

Whether they are from a well do family or not, their shoe collection is absolutely amazing. Sexy stilettos or wedges, both are the best choice, and popular. But during the time of winter, boots are the perfect choice, and during the time of summer, flats, casual sneakers, loafers, and sandals are great choices to opt for.

So this article would help you get the taste of European style and fashion. This will help you get an idea as what to wear when you are in Europe.

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