How to Evaluate Developers When Hiring

The demand of developers has increased to a great extent. In almost every business, the developers have their effect in terms of applications, websites, and other digital platforms. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that the developer you are hiring has the capacity to offer great expertise to your business.

When development companies hire developers for the job, following evaluations become highly important.

  1. Use online tests for initial evaluation

At the initial stage after getting the job application, it is important to leverage the online tests in order to get valuable knowledge about the candidate’s capabilities. Tests for their technical skills, personality and communication can help you have a wide idea about the candidate. If required, you can also conduct a math aptitude test as well.

  1. In-depth screening is a necessity

After the online tests, you need to use the achieved insights to screen the skills of the candidates. For a better approach, you can divide the skills into technical and non-technical sections and process the screening separately for each section.

In the technical skill screening, you need to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate as a developer. The knowledge of the language and the ability to use the right data type in the right situation is critically important. Hence, you need to test the candidate for these abilities. Also, the backend skills become important for the job roles as a developer.

Adding to that, the potential candidate needs to show positive signs in terms of non-technical skills as well. Hence, you should test the communication capacities, the passion for the job you are offering, and also the ability to work together with other members of the team. With all these traits together, the candidate can provide the desired results for your enterprise.

  1. Ask for the portfolio

As a developer, the candidate must have a portfolio of the past work. The portfolio is an easy and quick method of analysing the capacities of the candidates. You can evaluate the designing skills and the creative abilities of the candidate. Also, you can understand the vision with which the candidate works on the projects.

  1. Make interview interesting effective

After the test, screening, and portfolio, you have a pile of information regarding the candidate’s skills and personality. So, when it comes to the interview phase, you can make it more practical and interesting. No need to ask traditional, boring questions. Ask questions that are more focused towards the skills, strengths and the weaknesses of the candidate. Also, evaluate the passion that drives the candidate to work as a developer.

If you still have doubts about the candidate, test them with a project. Your experience provides you the knowledge of the challenges of the development. Use that experience to create a project and see how effectively the candidate can tackle that.

When applied with the correct approach, employment aptitude test and the other given methods can help you find the true talented developers for your company. So, make sure that you use the effective tactics to achieve the hiring goals.

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