How To Find A Way To Ask A Russian or A Ukrainian Bride Out On A Date

When you have succeeded in chatting up a lady on an international dating site you may want to ask her out on a date. To date a Russian or a Ukrainian lady is not difficult if you know how to proceed with this. First of all you will need to decide if you are going to come to her country for a visit or you will invite her over to your country. It depends on quite many personal and financial circumstances, but nowadays this can usually be arranged rather easily and doesn’t require a fortune at all.

Most single women are looking forward to a new romance, some even long for it, no one enjoys being single. If you ask the lady who has stirred your flames out the chances are high that she will agree. The timing and the circumstances should be right for this. Even if she rejects your advances, it may not necessarily be related to you, there may be a zillion of other reasons you may be unaware of. At the same time, many Russian brides may go out with you for a reason only they know about.

Don’t approach this being afraid of failure. If you don’t beam with certainty and don’t infuse enthusiasm, if you are not bold enough, your chance of getting a refusal will be immensely high. Confidence attracts people, temerity and shyness produce the opposite effect.

However, if you overdo it and approach this subject rather casually, it may serve as a ground for refusal as well, because a lady who has a respect for herself will never go out with a womanizer and a stud. You will have to weave your way through these two extremes. It will be much easier for you now that you have been warned about them.

Anyway, when you invite her out for a dinner you are not proposing marriage. You should not be exceedingly tense over this situation and be ready to accept refusal. If you leave your false pride behind, not much is at stake, after all – only if you spend some time together or not. Don’t take refusal as an attack on your self-worth, in most cases you have nothing to do with it.

Be specific when inviting a Russian or a Ukrainian woman out. Don’t say “Maybe let’s go out for a dinner?” Instead, say “I know a fabulous French restaurant downtown, can I treat you to a delicious steak there at 20.00 tomorrow evening? Or maybe you prefer to do it on some other day that is more convenient for you?”

Also, be flexible. We are all busy nowadays with our careers and with the pursuit of other aspirations that don’t leave a lot of room for dating. Always be ready to arrange the date when it suits her and don’t insist on a specific place. Your job is to offer a spot, but if she doesn’t like it for any reason you should be ready to accept her decision. A woman should always have the final say in such matters, let her boss you around a bit at least in the inception stage of your possible future romance. Women enjoy being in charge under certain circumstances, let her practice some leadership skills. You will have a lot of time afterwards to take the rein back from her if you succeed as you have planned.

How to date a Ukrainian

If you are adamant about dating a Ukrainian lady, you should be aware that a lot will depend on what part of the country she is from. If she is from the Western part of Ukraine, most likely she will not enjoy speaking Russian, so try English instead. Ukrainian women from the East of Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, etc.), on the contrary, usually have a much better attitude to Russia and will be more than happy to speak Russian with you, provided you know some Russian words or phrases.

Ukrainian women usually don’t enjoy talking about politics, so it would be advisable to avoid touching on this subject altogether. If she wears vishivanka (a white dress with colorful, hand-made embroidery) to the first date, it will indicate that you are very special to this Ukrainian lady. In fact, it is a clear sign she is ready to get married to you if you are disposed to pursue this ambitious goal.

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