Thursday 09 March 2023

How To Get Paid For Making Online Games

If you’re new to making apps or even if you’ve been around a while, you may still be wondering how people can afford to put apps out in the marketplace as free downloads. In truth, most applications have a way to make money for the creator built into them, though the method may not be obvious. 

Types of Monetization 


One of the more common options for monetization to offer an upgrade. There are a few options for how to do this. One of the most common is to offer the choice to buy additional lives. Other potential choices include offering exclusive add-ons to the game such as legendary mounts. 


Another common choice is to include the option to subscribe. A subscription can be as simple as offering a ‘support this app’ button. It can also be as complicated as premium content like extra levels. Frequently, creators choose to keep adding new perks to subscriptions. This attracts new subscribers while keeping the existing ones. 


An alternative is to sell ad space within the application. This choice works well if it’s planned for in the design rather than slapped on at the end. There are choices for platforms that handle the hard work of contracting advertisers to fill the available ad space. This way the creator can set it and forget it. 

User Data

The fourth possibility, and the morally questionable one, is to sell the users’ data to advertisers. Many free applications record the users’ choices, taps, and general behavior in their application. They then turn this data over to advertisers for a fee. The advertisers then process the data and use it to target the users on other platforms. 

Choosing the Right Strategy 

As a creator, the right strategy for you depends on how much time you would like to spend. Creating add-ons and extra levels certainly takes up time, more so if you do it regularly to hold on to subscribers. However, this is the least annoying possibility for users. Most people do not like ads, and selling data usually causes a negative backlash. Using software for video game payment options can be a really easy way to monetize your platform.

Creating applications does not need to be completed for free. There are several options to monetize any application. Which one works for you depends on how much more work you would like to do and whom you’re trying to make the application for. The right way to monetize offers options that you are comfortable with, timewise and morally.