Thursday 30 November 2023



Thinking to do your first ever ski trip in backcountry ? Then you came to the right place where all of your doubts and questions will be answered that you are seeking from a long time.  

Ski trip & snowboarding is just an amazing experience to have which one can never forget throughout their life. I still remember my first ski trip , it was full of snow and breeze winds.

The winter’s first snowfall is all we hope for after a long sweaty summer. Nothing is better than skiing & snowboarding in winter’s. If these two sports are still unchecked in your list then it’s high time to finally enjoy the roller coaster ride.


Stop just wondering,  get rid of all your doubts before your first backcountry ski adventure through this article. Take a look at some tips which i am going to give you that will eliminate all your doubts completely :-

Am i ready or not?:Honestly, there is no shortcuts to do backcountry ski trip. Doesn’t matter you mastered hundred cliffs or a black diamond run. You need to have a strong skills for fun and safe experience. Moreover, you should have a confidence to ride all kind of mountain terrain. If you’re comfortable in riding then nothing can stop you from enjoying one of the most thrilling ski ride.

Should i take safety course?:Keep aside all the methods and strategies of your mind for the backcountry ski trip and go for a avalanche safety course at least when it is your first trip.  Practical knowledge and training can make a huge difference and prepare you for the upcoming dangers and situations. They train you to identify the danger well in advance, companion rescue, safety gear and conditions etc. This courses help a lot when facing harsh situations which is usual to occur during your skii ride.

Do i need to buy safety gear?:Yes! It is very important to buy a proper safety kit for the backcountry ski trip as it can save lives in case of emergency. The three pieces inside the safety kit may cost you $400 but it does not worth more than a life. Buy it, keep it and learn how to use it.

What to wear? :You need to be very specific about your clothes as comfort is the only thing that matters the most through the ride. Invest your money on jacket , track pants and base layers. The clothes should be of lightweight so that you can comfortably ride the ski and snowboard without any problem. Pack waterproof jacket and two pair of gloves which you can wear by yourself easily. For More Details on ashe morgan.

Follow the above guidelines very carefully to avoid the problems and dangers that you may get indulge in during your ski trip. It is better to hire a guide or get in touch with the expert for a safer side. Still, the avalanche course is enough to provide you all the necessary informations related to backcountry ski trip.