Wednesday 02 June 2021

How To Get Your Business On The First Page Of Google

Google is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your site. When looking for answers, every web user turns to the ubiquitous search engine. As a business, you need to get yourself on the first page of search results, or you risk going unseen. Securing this elusive position is no easy feat, but with hard work, it is possible. Today we’ll show you the secrets.

How To Get Your Business On The First Page Of Google

Be specific – Google has a very sophisticated network of crawlers, or spiders, that scan websites. They’re hunting for the most relevant and useful content on the internet. It’s Google’s job to provide its users with the best possible results, after all. They’re looking for keywords that describe your site and your offering. Make sure your URLs, titles and content has wording that pertain to your business. If you’re new to this, an expert company like Results First SEO can help you get it right. Just don’t stuff your content with keywords; you’ll be penalised.

Be brilliant – There is no magic key to cheat your way to the top of Google anymore. Quite simply, you just need to be the best! You need fantastic, exciting content that people want to share. You need to generate lots of traffic through natural, organic growth.

Be a thought leader – Google has put a big emphasis on authority when it comes to ranking websites. It looks for lots of quality links to your website. For example, if the New York Times links to your business, it knows you have garnered some authority. So, get your thoughts heard, be an expert and secure powerful links back to your website.

Be fast – Nowadays, people want results fast. Even a split second delay can be enough to put customers or users off. Google recognises this and rewards speedy sites. Speak to your hosting company or web designer about improving the load speed of your website. The quicker it performs the higher your rank on search engines.

Be local – Google updates its algorithm regularly. Last year, it introduced a new version that tailors results to the local area. It knows that people are searching on mobile devices for local services. If your business relies heavily on location, take steps to improve your online presence. For example, register your business on Google Maps and include location keywords. The search engine also takes into account online reviews and ratings, so do your best to increase yours.

Be social – Google doesn’t directly take into account your social media following. It doesn’t care if you’ve got a million Facebook friends. However, the bigger your community, the further your content will spread. This will translate into more pageviews. It makes it more likely that your content will be picked up and linked to. It’s a vital part of your internet marketing, and this will improve your search rank. Build your community and use it as a platform to improve your search visibility.

Securing a first page ranking on Google is by no means easy. It will take a good strategy, and hard work. But, the rewards are rich; you’ll secure a flood of traffic and more business leads. Good luck!