Saturday 27 November 2021

How to Handle Food Preferences When Planning Corporate Events

The food that you end up serving at your corporate event can make all attendees more excited to be there. When selecting the specific foods that you’ll serve, it’s important to keep everyone’s food preferences in mind so that you can order food that more people will want to eat. Here are a few important factors to consider when planning what to serve at your corporate event.

RSVP with Food Allergies Noted

When staff members RSVP for the event, it’s best to ask them to specify any food allergies that they might have so that the proper precautions can be taken. Problems with employees experiencing adverse reactions from the food that they eat can be avoided better if you have a variety of options. Shellfish and dairy products are among the foods that affect many people with food allergies, and you might need to forgo serving some of these items if too many people are allergic to them.

Don’t Make Food the Central Attraction

You don’t want your event to just be about the food, and you can host your gathering at a venue that will be to everyone’s liking. Indoor kart racing tracks, art galleries and fancy hotels are just a few venues that are ideal for corporate events. Whatever venue that you choose, you can set up food stations in a way that will be easy for everyone to access without getting in the way of all the fun.

Have Vegetarian and Vegan Options Available

Vegetarian and vegan eating habits are becoming more commonplace in modern times, and having foods available to suit people who want to refrain from eating meat and dairy products can be a smart decision for your event. Even people who aren’t vegetarian or vegan will likely appreciate the additional food options and may want to try some of the delicious meat- and dairy-free edibles themselves.

Consider Religious Dietary Restrictions

Some religions prohibit the consumption of certain foods or foods that aren’t prepared using the correct methods. If you have many people on your staff who are Jewish, it will be a good idea to have plenty of kosher food items, and you should also make sure that meat and dairy products are kept entirely separate from one another. A workforce that’s made up largely of Muslims will call for halal foods that are suitable for followers of the Islamic faith.
Your special gathering for your staff can be a better occasion for everyone if the right food choices are offered. By putting more focus on the food that you’ll provide, you can rest assured that everyone will likelier be satisfied when attending the event.

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