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While most people would rather never have to be looking for a criminal lawyer, if you have to, it becomes crucial to get the right one for you. A wrong criminal lawyer can cost you more than just money : your freedom, reputation and legal records are on the line.

Although it’s important to not waste too much time and hire one within time to avoid any complexities because of delay, it is equally, if not more, important to find the one right for your case

Here’s a helpful guide for you to hire a good criminal lawyer :


Did You Meet Them?

If you get served with any criminal charges, chances are you have a limited time to act on it. So you would want to hire a criminal attorney as soon as possible so that you get legal advice before taking any action in the case’s regard. However, to find the right one, it’s important that you meet the lawyer before you hire them instead of taking someone’s word on it. Book an appointment and meet the lawyers before you give them the responsibility of your case.

Ask The Right Questions

When you go for the appointment with your lawyer pre-hiring, make sure you are prepared with the right questions. The lawyer will most probably ask you a lot of questions or ask you to fill a questionnaire. Thus you need to prepare your own questions to know whether the lawyer is the right one or not. Make sure you ask them about their experience with such cases as yours, whether they’re the members of some organisation and how do they charge (hourly or flat fee). Do not maintain any ambiguity.

Get A Free Assessment First

Many a criminal lawyers provide a free assessment for your case before you hire them. Get your case assessed and discuss the possible results and how the lawyer plans to pursue your case. Ensure that you and your lawyer have an understanding and mutual participation in the decision making.

Make Sure They’re Well Versed In Your State’s Laws

Every state in USA has its own set of laws regarding different criminal acts and different procedures the defender has to complete before and during the trial. THus it becomes very important that your lawyer is well versed with your state’s particular laws and has experience in the particular procedures so that they can guide you through it. It is important that they are reliable enough for you to trust them completely with every kind of legal issues of your case.

Are They Available 24/7?

When you’re involved in a criminal case, you may need your lawyer any time of the day and you should have access to them 24/7. Make sure they are available to attend your queries one way or another either directly or through any secretary or apprentice.

Get Reviews From Previous Clients

There is nothing as efficient as reviews and testimonies when it comes to knowing the quality of service the lawyer or the firm provides. Go through the online testimonies and if possible, contact some of their clients to know about their service.



Getting the right lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Invest your time and effort into finding the right one.

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