How to Identify Your Qualified Buyer Personas and Why They Matter

If you are looking for new leads and interest in your business, it’s important to understand your buyer persona. A qualified buyer persona is a marketing term that means the supposed representation of your potential customers and clients. A buyer persona includes information about the demographic, why they would be interested in your business, and what you need to know to market to them. Read on to learn how to identify your buyer personas and what doing so can do to help your business.

Figure Out Who Your Buyers Are

One of the best and easiest ways to identify good potential buyers is to see who your current buyers are. This may take some time and data collection to figure out. If you have a system that already tracks your current client information, like Zoho marketing automation, it will be easier to learn about the commonalities in the demographic and where they came from. Make note of important criteria like age, location, target spend, and how they found your business. Once you know who likes your company now, you can figure out what your future clients will look like too.

Ask What Your Buyers Want

If you are thinking about expanding your product line, you should first consider what your buyers like about your current products. The same goes for when you are looking for qualified buyers. Do your current buyers like your offerings? If you made adjustments, would that alter your buyer personas to cast a wider net, or would it make it more difficult to find interested buyers? Knowing what your buyers are looking for in your product, as well as in competitor products, can make it easier to identify those who will be fruitful clients.

Think About Where Your Buyers Spend Their Time

When you are looking for your qualified buyers, ask where your current clients spend their time and how you are able to reach out to them. Does social media marketing work, or would that be wasted money? Would cold calling or email outreach work out, or would those calls go unanswered. By knowing where your current clients spend their time online and at work, it can help you know how to best market to your future potential clients.
Identifying your qualified buyer personas is crucial to expanding your business and keeping your client base fresh. Once you know who you want to have purchasing your products, you will be on your way to business success.

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