How To Impress Your Girl With Flowers?

This valentine’s day, do something different. Every year, you would have given expensive gifts to your girl. This time, make it true and natural. Do not splurge on expensive stuff that does not define your relationship. Love can never be measured and so should the gifts be. Make your Valentine’s Day gift simple, straight to the point and pleasing.

Flowers have always been the expression of love from the age-old time. May be because of their beauty, or may be because of their colour, or because of the fact that they are short lived, whatever the reason, the flowers are still considered the best gift that you can give or receive.

The happiness you feel when someone gives you flowers is so much that it is unexplainable. If there is a love not added with the flowers, then there is no one who can stop your celebration. Such is the power of flowers.

This Valentine’s Day, gift your girlfriend with the most beautiful flowers. Ask flower delivery jaipur to give you the most exquisite flowers of them all. Here is a short lift of flowers that you can give and the secret message that they carry –

Red Roses: We all know that Red roses are the symbol of love. A red rose is a Valentine’s Day classic as it represents love and romance. The darker the rose, the more intensified your love is. So, make sure that you give red roses only to the person that you love the most. Red rose is given for true lovers who stick together forever.

Yellow Roses: If you are still friend zoned and do not know if it is love or not, just give your girl a bunch of yellow roses. Yellow rose represents friendship. If your relationship with the girl is platonic, you can choose these flowers. You can also give yellow roses with a red tip if you are in a confused state because that represents friendship blossoming into romance. Yellow roses are also good to tell “Get Well Soon” to sick people.

Pink Roses: Pink roses also represent love, but less intense than the passionate love of red roses. Here the love is simple and normal. There is no overage of emotions. So, when your relationship is new, this is a thoughtful choice of flowers. Pink flowers are also given to say thanks and admiration.

White Roses: White roses have always been traditional. They were the first choice for expressing true love. The pure white flowers like their colour symbolise purity and innocence. But, people also associate white with sympathy and death.

Lavender Roses: Unconventional as they seem, purple roses represent royalty. So, unless you are dating the queen, you can stay away from them. Or, you can be romantic and say that she is the Queen of your heart.

Orange Roses: Orange roses are for people who are still taking baby steps into love from friendship. It is the best choice to send to your crush.

This Valentine’s Day, do not forget to order a bouquet of red roses from jaipur flower delivery. You can also give other flowers that truly convey your feelings to your special girl.

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