Thursday 09 February 2023

How To Involve Your Kids In Your Social-Media Life?

Addicted to Facebook? Can’t stop Tweeting? There are a number of blogs out there that add to your already guilt-ridden life. We’re taking a different angle. Let’s face it; none of us are going to just give up on social media. Why not use it in a better way instead? Here’s how you can use social-media to motivate your kids towards better behavior and make them feel more involved in your social (media) life:

How To Involve Your Kids In Your Social-Media Life

  1. Take a look at your recent Facebook history. You will notice that the most “likes” are on personal things shared rather than videos or fancy pictures passed on. Make it a habit to post one good thing your kids have done every day and let them help you write the post. They will enjoy the attention (the girls will love posing for the pic) and it’s a great way to reinforce the good behavior. For example, my ten year old just helped make all the beds so I’m “rewarding” her by taking a cute picture of her with her favorite stuffed toys on the bed and uploading it with the simple title “mama’s little helper”. She loved it! You can use Autodesk Pixlr to add fun effects and titles to the pictures with just a few clicks.
  2. If there’s a funny picture or video you’ve come across after sharing it virtually share it with your kids (provided its age appropriate of course). You can all have a funny moment together. If your TV hooks up with your phone through an easy Bluetooth connection this can actually become a great daily activity.
  3. Once or twice a week go through some old Facebook posts or albums with your kids. Believe me, they never get tired of looking at their own baby pictures and admiring their cute little selves. Doing this while their friends are around on a playdate will win you extra brownie points as a proud parent.
  4. Some of us love posting about the fancy meals we are having at all the fancy places we go to. Replace one of those posts with one parenting tip that has helped you out this week. You can involve your kids by asking them for comments and discussing why a particular action/discussion from you helped more than other such activities in the past. It will be a nice trip from the foodie community to the “I’m a great parent” community.
  5. When uploading family pictures always include comments from your kids. They are inspirational and at times hilarious! This will make your picture albums unique and add a little something special to the memories that social media helps you keep track of.