Tuesday 18 May 2021

How To Keep In Touch With Family When Living Abroad?

In an increasingly globalized world, it is absolutely normal to have one or more family members living overseas or abroad. Millions of Chinese families have someone or several of their relatives and family members living in the United States. Many Americans have some of their loved ones living in the UK. Innumerable British families have expats in India and across South Asia. Millions of people keep crisscrossing the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, for jobs or education, business or for post retirement havens.

How To Keep In Touch With Family When Living Abroad

In such a scenario, one needs a few effective ways to keep in touch with family. Here are some of the simplest ways to keep in touch with family when living abroad.

The Internet

The internet has changed things. It has not only connected strangers and brought the whole world into an interconnected galactic highway but it has also provided the much needed means for loved ones to stay in touch. You can easily download some software like Skype and call your loved ones. All you need is an id and your family members need an id. Obviously there is a requirement of both parties to remain hooked to a computer. But then you have WhatsApp calls which can be initiated and received on smart-phones. So you can be away from a computer, anywhere outside or on the go and still keep in touch with your family. From the likes of Facebook and Twitter to the good old emails and messengers, there are dozens of ways. You don’t just have to chat or talk. You can also host a video conference. Not only can you do video calls but you can hang out with all your loved ones at the same place at the same time using Google Plus.

Courier Services

There are times when you would have to send something to your family living stateside or you may have to receive something. You can easily get this done using courier services like Courierpoint. Sending a courier parcel to USA is much safer, cost effective and efficient in comparison with traditional mail or shipping.

The Phone

The good old phone cannot be discarded just yet. With video calls powered by 3G and 4G networks, instant access and better reception, mobile phones or smart phones are still a convenient way to keep in touch with family abroad. You shouldn’t worry about the charges, there are international calling cards and capped plans to help you with that.


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