Friday 14 May 2021

How To Lose Weight After A Pregnancy?

The mummy tummy is a challenge but it can be overcome. It’s tempting to go for a tummy tuck, especially when celebrity mom pics seem to scream “lose weight fast”. Every pregnancy is different and every new mommy goes through different phases after childbirth. Some women who have to work harder and longer than others get rid of the mommy pouch.

Babies change everything; your body is just one of the small side effects. Take your time. Get to know your precious little baby before you rush off into a yoga class. The ideal time to start working out after a baby is about 5-6 weeks. Even then, start slow. Researches show that slow weight loss is a lot more effective than a quickie diet fix.

How To Lose Weight After A Pregnancy

Your baby can help

The wee one actually helps you lose weight. You have a permanent work out buddy! Here are some exercises you can do with your baby. (Caution: consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine).

  1. Invest in a stroller. Take your baby for walks. Not only will you be in the best company in the world, walking is perfect for building up your stamina before you get into hardcore strengthening exercises.
  2. Who needs weights? You have your very own adorable, snuggly, cuddly weight. Put your baby in a sling and do some squats and lunges.

Breastfeeding helps too. If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you’re already burning more calories.

Watch yourself

Posture makes a very big difference. Your core muscles are affected the most during and it takes time to build them up again. Start by paying attention to your posture. Sit up straight, hold your tummy in while standing or walking, and instead of bending down while breastfeeding hold your baby up. Bad posture after pregnancy has a lingering effect and can quickly turn into a permanent habit.

Eating for two

Now that’s a myth, both during and after pregnancy. Don’t use breastfeeding as an excuse to get sloppy with your diet. Your body will have different energy needs than before and you will definitely have cravings at odd hours. Also, everything seems to be rush-rush and blurry with a baby occupying most of your brain space so you may be tempted to go for the first available easy-to-eat option you can find. Here are some tips to help you watch the calories:

  1. Snacking is not only okay, its actually a necessity with your body’s rising energy needs. The trick is to go for healthy snacks like whole wheat crackers and nuts.
  2. Negative calorie munchies like celery, tomatoes and cucumber can take the edge off and are also very good for your skin (pregnancy glow doesn’t last forever).
  3. Try some natural remedies like lime and honey in water or green tea. Helps with hydration and weight loss.

Forget No Pain, No Gain

Doing too much too fast might lead to side effects like prolonged bleeding. Exercise is very important, but not at the risk of permanent internal damage. Start by walking 15 minutes a day and combine this with some simple floor exercises that focus on stretching. When you feel you have the stamina and energy to do more, increase your cardio time. Banish the baby blues

Everything seems so out of control with a new baby to take care of and no “me-time”. Exercising and getting your body back in shape will not only give you a confidence boost, it’s also a great mood lifter. So start shedding those extra pounds and get control of your mind and body.


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