How To Make Coffee With A French Press: 7 Easy Steps

Millions of people across the world are in love with their coffee. A perfectly brewed mug of coffee is a delight to the senses, and a wonderful way to kick start the day.  If we are to talk about the brewing process itself, coffee enthusiasts swear by the French Press, also known as a plunger pot. The reason they highly recommend the French Press is because it helps retain the natural proteins and oils, thus giving your coffee the perfect flavor and aroma. Additionally, no paper filter is used in the entire process, so it is considered to be one of the purest methods of brewing coffee.

Coffee aficionados claim that coffee making is an art, and with a French Press handy, you can indeed make a delicious cup of this wonderful flavoured drink. Many shy away from the French Press thinking it is too complicated, but it isn’t as hard as people think. If you want to know which one are the best french press maker, you can visit Get a Coffee Maker to get a clear idea. They have compiled best 10 french press coffee makers available in the market.

Let’s walk you through seven easy steps to make some awesome coffee with a French Press. Before you brew, do ensure that your French Press is cleaned thoroughly, so that no old grounds are stuck in mesh filter, which will otherwise ruin your coffee’s flavor.

Step 1: Grind coffee beans

You cannot use the standard medium grind that is generally used in drip brewing, so remember to grind your coffee beans coarsely. If you are to use a medium grind for your French Press, it is highly likely that the grounds will end up clogging the plunger’s metal filter. This will not allow you to pour your coffee easily. It is therefore advisable that you do your own grinding, or get it done under your supervision at a coffee shop or grocery store. A tip: for best results, try grinding coffee just before you brew it.

Step 2: Add ground coffee to the French Press

As you add your ground coffee, the general ratio you should use is one tablespoon of coffee for around 90 ml of water. This can however be adjusted per your taste.

Step 3: Heat water

Water should be heated in a separate vessel (saucepan or kettle). In order to get the best brewed coffee, try to ensure that your water is near the boiling point, when it’s the most soluble.

Step 4: Pour water into the French Press

Slowly add water to your ground coffee, and be careful not to add extra water. In case you see any coffee grounds floating on the top, use a spoon to stir the water, and help it absorb the flavor.

Step 5: Replace lid and let the coffee brew

Once you fill your French Press with water, replace the lid and make sure that the plunger is pulled all the way up. It should be as far out as possible from the lid. Next, you need to wait for four minutes, which is the standard brewing time for French Press coffee.

Step 6: Lower the plunger

After waiting for about four minutes, you are now ready to lower the plunger into the coffee. You should carefully place your hand on the handle, and then start pressing it downwards, making it pass through the coffee. The liquid would now go through the mesh filter, and the grounds would remain at the bottom of your French Press.

Step 7: Pour the coffee

After you make sure that the plunger has been fully lowered, it is time to pour the coffee into your waiting cup. You would need to remember that the liquid would still be in contact with the grounds at the bottom, which means the coffee extraction process will continue. So to prevent your coffee from turning bitter, you should try to pour all of it within twenty minutes of its brewing.

Get set to relish freshly brewed coffee every time, with the seven easy steps described above. You will realize that coffee brewing had never been so enjoyable. French press is always great to drink. But not all the people can like it. Anyone who is a breve latte lover, click on this link to get the step by step guide. Breve latte is another coffee preparation and sure to be loved by coffee lovers.

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