How To Make The Most Of Your Paris City Break

Planning a short Parisian adventure soon? Great cuisine, fabulous music venues, countless landmarks and a vibrant city life: every visitor wants a piece of everything. This website can help you find the best deal on the web for your vacation and we are going to help you organize your trip in order to return home with some good vibes.

Where to Stay

Most tourists want a quiet area, close to a few landmarks. Montparnasse has a variety of options when it comes to accommodation, its streets are safe and quiet and it includes a touristic district filled with cafes, cozy bars and restaurants offering French, European and Asian food.

The Latin Quarter, Saint Germain and Marais are also bohemian and secure areas which are very praised by tourists.

Foodie on a Budget

You’ll find the most sophisticated menus in Paris, but if you’re there only for a few days, you probably won’t be indulging in three-course dinners every evening. However, you can still enjoy French treats on the way and grab a Croque Monsieur, some crepes or gaufres.

Parisians love to eat in unconventional locations, so don’t be surprised to see them having lunch in the park or on the riverside. Choose some delicacies from the cheese shops, some pastry, and some wine and have a picnic in one of the public parks if the weather is nice. You will most likely socialize with locals, who don’t feel shy to sing, dance, play badminton or listen to music.

Prioritize Landmarks

Everyone goes to Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe. But when it comes to museums, Paris has 130 of them, so you need to to be very specific about your interests when you make your schedule.

Louvre exhibits masterpieces of the Ancient world and art from the medieval era, Musée d’Orsay is the home of the impressionist works and Centre Pompidou gathers masterpieces of the 20th and 21st. You will also find museums dedicated to personalities like Rodin, Dali, Picasso, Balzac, Marie Curie and many others.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Spend your evenings in the drinking and nightlife districts where you can find many other options if your first choice isn’t as good as expected. Canal St. Martin is an area full of bistros, quirky bars, artsy boutiques and cafés and many crowded nightclubs, same as Bellville.

You’ll find many other tourists in picturesque Montmartre, where street fairs happen often on weekends.

These Boots Are Made for Walking

Paris is worth the walk – every time you turn a corner you might find a surprise in terms of architecture, street art or restaurant design.

Short shower rains are often, so dress accordingly and prepare your most comfortable shoes, you’ll be walking incessantly inside enormous museums or on the streets of historic neighborhoods.

Paris is one of the most beloved travel destinations, and its 41 square miles gather 15 million international visitors per year, so get ready for a lot of waiting in line or in restaurants, but also for lots of diversity, beauty, and energy.

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