Friday 01 December 2023

How To Make Upholstery Cleaning Easy

There is no need to worry about selecting the best furniture cleaning method among all the commercial detergents and the dozens of recommendations of friends, as you can make the whole thing easy. It comes to easy upholstery cleaning by following these steps and tricks:

– Inspect the upholstered objects for their degree of staining. Some of the lightest spots may require a quick brushing and wiping of the dust, while other spots such as dried greasy ones may require deep cleaning and even soaking. During the inspection, you can determine which the furniture pieces are with which you can deal by yourself, as well as the ones which will require professional cleaning services.

– Choose the best method to spot clean the upholsteries. There is a specific solution and method for every type of upholstery – for leather upholsteries, textile, fabrics, upholsteries with longer or with shorter fibres, or even for synthetic upholsteries. That’s why you should decide which detergent will work best on the specific type of upholstery.

– If you plan to deal with the stains by yourself, then consider starting with the heavily soiled upholsteries. Make a homemade detergent from baking soda, hot water, powder laundry detergent and shampoo. Stir until it forms a thick paste and apply it directly onto the spot. This is a stronger stain removal solution that can eliminate spots of dry kitchen grease, wine and coffee spills, and yet it contains no chemical compounds, nor chemical odours.

– Treat the lightest stains and spots with a lighter detergent of just hot water, baking soda, dish detergent and rubbing alcohol, which can be used for a variety of other applications during the domestic cleaning. This detergent is perfect for textile upholsteries, but it also works well for stains on tiles, grout lines and stone. Apply the solution right onto the spot and rub it from the outer rim of the area to the centre, which will prevent making a bigger mess. Meanwhile, the spots that are very close to each other can be treated together as an entire dirty area.

– Choose professional cleaning for the upholsteries that really require special professional care. Professional sofa cleaners possess great experience and knowledge, and they can pick the best professional solution for the specific case. The cleaning crew will assess the condition of every upholstered item and will ask you about your expectations, and then will take good care of the stains. Not to mention that they have professional detergents that can do miracles, such as restoring leather texture, fixing cracks and scratches on leather upholstery, restoring the brightness of upholsteries with natural fibres, and more.

– Get a professional upholstery cleaning detergent from the store. Make sure to check the way the detergent works very well, read the label on the upholstery to check out the recommended methods for cleaning, and then choose the appropriate option.

– Rent a steam cleaning machine and do everything else by yourself. Such a machine could provide awesome professional results, but you have to know how to work with it. Sometimes, this is the best option when you have to clean a stain on a budget and yet you need the best option for surface-coverage-to-time efficiency.

– Reupholstering should be one of the last choices, because it takes quite some time and effort. However, reupholstering is the quickest and best way to change the vision of very heavily soiled furniture completely without spending time and cleansing efforts. Pick your favourite new upholstery for the sofa or for the chairs, enjoy the reupholstering as your new DIY project for the weekend, and make the furnishings in your house to look like new.