Starting preschool is a big step for every child, and parents play an essential role in helping and preparing their little ones for this new phase of life. This big step sometimes makes your child afraid, and as a parent, you can ease out his frustrations and help him get ready for preschool.

Before sending your child to preschool in Gurgaon, you have to do the following tasks so that your child can easily adapt to the preschool schedule:

You have to first make your child comfortable in the preschool schedule so that he easily adapts a new routine. This will help him to get comfortable and adjustable according to the changes. For instance, give him lunch in the Tiffin box; buy a bag for your child. You can train a child for a few weeks in advance, and remember to do it slowly so your child finds it easy.

You have to make your child struggle for doing his own things such as tell him to open his lunchbox, fill his water bottle, etc. Sometimes mishaps may happen at the early stage but, eventually, he will learn it later. Make him practice bathroom skills, and act as the teacher at home, and practice your child to raise his hand each time he needs to go to the bathroom.

Spend some time with your child and indulge him in some creative activities like drawing, coloring, painting, and clay molding. You can also give some basic jigsaw puzzles and connect-the-dot picture books. These activities will help to enhance their motor skills and will also help him to enhance his writing skills.

You can read books to your toddler and have at least one reading period each day. Set up a reading time for at least 15 minutes. While reading you must read out loud to help improve his listening skills, and in between, you must question him in between pages. While asking him what he thinks will happen in the next part of the story will make your child capable to express his thoughts and views openly.

Make a visit to the school with your toddler before the session starts. Tour the school and take a look inside his future classroom. Introduce your child to his teacher as this will help make him feel more comfortable and he will feel less anxious while going to school.

Talk to your toddler and ask him what he feels about the thought of sending him to preschool. You can ease your toddler’s fears while asking to him and let him know about the best things he will get to experience in the preschool.

If your toddler has not spent much time interacting with other kids then most likely, he will have difficulty getting along with other children. But before sending him to preschool you have to make some efforts to remove the fear of preschool from your child. There is the best preschool on Sohna road Gurgaon which has the best teachers who establish and enforce rules and procedures for maintaining your child comfortable in the environment.

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