Monday 15 July 2024

How To Make Your Lawn Better Than Your Neighbour’s

Enhancing the appeal of your lawn must not be done out of compulsion, but rather out of choice and genuine interest. A healthy and beautiful lawn contributes to a better environment and increases the health of the members of your family. Take a look around your neighbourhood and see how much effort people put into the maintenance of their lawns. Maintaining your lawn includes much more than spraying lawn fertiliser every now and then. Anyone can clean up a lawn easily or can ask a professional service to do it for them. If you truly wish your lawn to look glorious, you need to take the extra-mile to beautify its appearance and here are some ways you can do that.

Water Deeply and Less Often

Just because you turn your sprinkler regularly does not mean that your lawn is getting sufficient water. A healthier lawn needs to be watered only occasionally but deeply. This method will give enough time for the grass to consume the water and grow the roots to a deeper extent. If the grass is deeply rooted, it will definitely stay green even under extremely hot weather conditions. The amount of water depends on your local climate conditions and the size of the lawn. Experts in the industry, advise gardeners to water the lawn with one inch of water once a week. It is also important to ensure that the sprinklers are watering your lawn equally. If not, only a particular area of your lawn will look beautiful while the rest will not be that flattering to say the least.

Aerate the Lawn

If you have kids or pets, you might use your lawn more regularly than others. This will compact the soil beneath the grass quite quickly. If you think that mowing the lawn on a daily basis will be helpful, do know that it can make the condition worse. Soil compaction can result in serious environmental consequences in important procedures such as nutrient absorption, air circulation and water drainage. Moreover, earthworms and other advantageous natural soil organisms cannot survive in compacted soil. The only solution for this problem is to aerate your lawn. This refers to the process of punching holes in your lawn. The holes must be at least 3 inches deep in order to work effectively. Soil aeration not only gives a better platform for the grass to grow, but also results in enhanced air circulation. It also enables the grass to use the water and nutrients to a much beneficial degree.

How To Make Your Lawn Better Than Your Neighbour’s

Make use of Garden and Kitchen Waste

This not only results in reduced waste, but also increases the condition of your lawn to a great extent. Kitchen waste is a great way to increase the growth of grass without using artificial and chemical fertilizers. Natural compost is also quite beneficial for the garden plants as well. If you are unsure of what to use, do know that any natural and organic waste qualifies as natural compost. One of the primary reasons why people prefer artificial products is because they are unaware of the advantages of natural compost. They not only stimulate grass, plant and root growth but also offer great help in reducing the spread of garden pests and plant diseases. It reduces the necessity of landfill by putting kitchen waste into more productive use and helps to attract beneficial garden organisms such as worms and insects.

Cut the Grass to the Right Length

If you think that this step is a bit too much, then you certainly are not aware of its importance. Cutting the grass to the perfect height, results in healthy and strong grass. Changing the setting in your lawn mower will not be effective since the standards have to be set more accurately. For example, not all grass types should be cut in the same height since the length relies on the type of grass as well. Talk to a professional gardening service to learn the correct length for the type of grass in your lawn. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the blade of the mower is sharp in order to cut the grass effectively without hassle.

The most important way to create a beautiful and healthy lawn is to ensure that you use natural and healthy products. Using artificial products with chemicals can worsen the condition of the grass instead of enhancing it.