How To Make Your Van More Secure

Whether you own one van or a whole fleet, each vehicle plays a vital role in your business. It is a lot more than merely a way of getting from A to B; for example, your van is a way to advertise your business and the place in which you keep the tools of your trade.

Sadly, this is where the problem lies. Thieves are very well aware that vans can contain highly-valuable tools and equipment. They can make hundreds of pounds from a single break in, which is often more lucrative for them that breaking into a car.

Having your van broken into can result in the loss of the means to earn your livelihood and put your vehicle out of action for several days. This can seriously impact your cash flow.

According to Steffan George from the Master Locksmiths Association, it is not that hard to get hold of a locksmith’s tool that can break into any van; however, there are a few key things you can do to help prevent your van being broken into.

Think carefully about your Signage

It can be difficult to decide the best approach to signage. By displaying your business details, you are advertising the fact that there will be tools inside and even indicate what type of tools they are.

On the other hand, it can be useful to have distinctive signage so that it will be recognizable if the whole van is stolen.

Think about what you Store in your Van

Many people chose to make modifications to their van, such as a van ply lining so that they can store tools and equipment. Once you have invested in such a modification from a specialist such as, it is easy to carry anything around in your van without causing damage; however, storing tools and expensive items in an unattended van is not a good idea. It is always best to remove tools overnight.

Remove or Darken Windows and Fit an Alarm

If your van has rear windows, you can stop people peering in the back by blocking the windows completely or painting them over. Another option is to darken them, which looks very stylish.

Most modern vans already have an alarm and engine immobilizer, so make sure these are in good working order.

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