How To Make Your Website Lovable For Google?

With the internet of information booming, there’s cut throat competition for almost every niche of websites. There are hundreds other websites which are publishing the same content as you do or providing the same solutions that you’re providing. When this is the case, how will you be able to rank better on Google? In other words, how do you make your Website lovable for Google? If your target audience has to find you, it’s of utmost importance that your website page must rank in the first ten pages of Google. And to achieve that, there are some things that you (or your digital marketer/website developer) must take care of. Here are some of them:

Search Engine Optimizations

Search Engine Optimizations is a tool that’s used to optimize your web pages so that it can rank better on Google. There are different ways of making a website search engine optimized and at Compusys E Solutions, we provide the best and optimal solution to the plethora of clients we have which had made us one of the best website development company in Jaipur.  

Pay good attention the speed of your site

If you’re a regular Google user, you would have experienced that some websites take too much time for loading. What does this do to your user who is interested in visiting your website? It repels them away from your website and makes the bounce rate of your website high. This makes Google rank your website lower. To avoid it, it’s very important for you to maintain a good speed of your website. Being the best web development in Jaipur, at Compusys E Solutions, we help our clients’ websites tank better on Google by improving the speed of the website on an overall basis. At the end of the day, no matter how much good your content is, people will visit your website only if you rank better on Google.

Usage of relevant keywords in the content

Content is the king when it comes to digital marketing. Whatever content you’ve published on your website, be it on the landing page or the blogs, the content published must have the relevant keywords which must again be Search Engine optimized which helps Google in ranking your website better.

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