Sunday 23 June 2024

How To Order A Shower Cubicle Online

How To Order A Shower Cubicle Online

Buying a shower cubicle is a great choice but it might be difficult finding one in your local stores. The good thing is that it is easy buying one online. You just have to find the right store and you can immediately order one. Here are some steps to follow to bring home the perfect shower cubicle.

Get the Measurements of the Bathroom

This is the most important step. If you get this wrong, everything else will be messed up. You want to have the right enclosure that will fit in the bathroom easily. You need to get a tape measure to determine the right size for the space available. The exact measurements of height, width and depth should be taken.

Decide how much you are Willing to Spend

The price range of shower cubicles differs depending on the size, type of material used and the other parts that come with the cubicle. You should first decide how much you are willing to spend before buying one. The good thing about buying online is that you can easily filter the options based on how much you can afford. The other choices that are outside your budget range will then be eliminated, making things easier for you.

Make Important Decisions

The first thing to consider is glass thickness. The rule of thumb is that thicker glass is more expensive. The thinnest glass comes in 4mm, while 10mm glass is highly recommended for durability. The size of the enclosure will also matter when it comes to the price. Of course, bigger enclosures are more expensive. For really huge enclosures, installation could be an issue.

The overall style of the enclosure will also affect the price. Those with basic styles will start at a very reasonable price and the cost increases with the addition of more features and changes in the type of material used. Finally, the brand should be considered. Popular brands are more expensive than the others.

Choose the Right Doors

Sliding doors are very common mostly because they are easy to use. They are perfect for quadrant enclosures. Hinged shower enclosure doors are also a great option especially for square-shaped shower enclosures. The downside is that the doors swing outwards. It is not ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Bi-fold shower doors are good for square and rectangular enclosures. They are joined in the middle, which provides more space. For bathrooms that are not too big, this is a good choice.

There are quite a lot of decisions to make if you decide to buy online. Rest assured, choosing the right site and brand will give you the best enclosure. The next thing to do once the enclosure arrives is to find someone to install it.