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How To Perform Field Testing Of Power Transformers?

A power electrical powered is an electrical powered equipment having life of some 30 years. But, power transformers manufacturers have offered the range of transformers that has live through over 30 years and is a great part of electric powered and commercial fleet that is managed with durable machines more than the stated years.

The position and evolution of the transformer need to be managed to be able to operate with highest possible protection. Customer should know how to get a perception if it is right to use transformer or take it to the support center for repairing and re-finishing.

Being an honest manufacturer of a power transformer, it is essential to execute various assessments and maintenance to keep the wellness of a machine good and well-maintained. You must know that during installation transformers, it is not possible to have bulky equipments, what describes particular restrictions to area analyze with regard to production ones.

How To Perform Field Testing Of Power Transformers?

Below explained tests are selected from the commercially available ones, standardized and being into test programs.

Magnetic or electric circuit tests

These tests are executed by experts with convenient instrumentation of a dimensions sequence that allow accomplishing base factors from the transformer. These assessments are carried out offline-

  • No load test
  • Load test
  • Frequency response analysis
  • Winding resistance

No load test involves placing an changing volts into high voltage winding in each of the transformer’s phases with reduced voltage side open.

Load test has its second name- brief circuit test- it is centered in the voltage insertion in one winding that has high voltage with the other winding short circuited.

Winding resistance test helps in determining the pure ohmic resistance from each phase windings (high and low voltage both).

The top inductive power transformer character indicates magnetization time. You should take measurement stabilization under concern while determining the measurement end and obtaining the results.

Frequency reaction research test helps in determining the frequency response chart of the equivalent dielectric/ electric/ mechanic/ magnetic completely analyzed.

Manufacturing Units Take Help Of These Two Approaches-

  • Frequency sweep technique
  • Pulse technique

Other tests involved in the list of power transformers manufacturers India are-

  • Partial discharge test
  • Insulation resistance
  • Dielectric system tests
  • Analysis of dissolved gas
  • Transformer oil testing and more

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