Saturday 15 May 2021

How To Properly Set Up and Maintain Your PVC Banner

The banner is probably one of the most important weapons that you have in your arsenal of marketing tools; banners such as pop up banners, roller banners, and pull up banners – are time-tested and proven tools that work every time, anywhere, whatever the occasion might be. Provided that the design of your banner is done in a professional way, you are sure to reap the great results of your investment.

How To Properly Set Up and Maintain Your PVC Banner

However, the banner does need to be used wisely – it matters how you set it up, where it is located, and how it is maintained. The design may be great, but the audience needs to see that it is set up properly and in good condition; the banner is a reflection of your company or brand, after all. Ever wonder how to take care of your best marketing tool? Here’s how to properly set up and maintain your PVC banner.

PVC banners for indoor use

When you’re printing banners for indoor use, you don’t have to worry too much about conditions such as rain or wind. This makes it much easier to care for your banners, and the maintenance should be minimal. However, it’s still important to choose quality banner printing on quality material as the people whom you show the banner to tend to be close to the banner, and a banner of poor quality will reflect poorly on you and your company. Roller banners for indoor use are very easy and convenient to assemble, store, and transport.

PVC banners for outdoor use

Banners for the outside are a different manner – they are usually exposed to various weather conditions, which means they have to be stronger than those for the indoor environment. Precipitation and wind can do a lot to a material and to the print, so you should contact printing companies and ask for advice. Maintenance will also be a little trickier as there are more things to consider.

Proper maintenance

Clean your banner with clean water and avoid any harsh cleaning products – they may harm the material or the print. Ensure the banner is completely dry before you roll it, and store it in a dry environment.

Before you commit to investing in a few banners to promote your business, your brand, and your product or service at the next event, ask yourself a few questions. Where will the banner be used? Where will it be located? Ask yourself also what kind of banner printing service your need, and what kind of material would be best considering the various conditions – you want your banners to be flexible and used in many different occasions, after all. Consult your printer; your printer is sure to give you some invaluable advice.