How To Protect Your Home and Save Energy

When you consider that the average family home has more than 50% of its exterior surface glazed, that’s quite a surface area, and the direct sunlight can cause serious damage to carpets and furniture. If you live in a hot climate, such as Perth, you will already know about the damage strong sunlight can cause, and it isn’t just your car that can be protected with window tint, as there are cost-effective solutions available from online suppliers.

Modern Window Tinting

The latest generation of window film protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation, and with installation experts, once the tint has been applied, your interior will become a few degrees cooler, and your valuable possessions will always be protected. The Internet is always a good source of information, and if a homeowner wanted window tinting in Perth, for example, there are online suppliers of the best quality tints at affordable prices.

Reduced Solar Energy

Installing window tints can result is a reduction of solar energy that enters your home of up to 66%, which makes it a lot easier on the a/c in the summer. Lower fuel consumption equals savings, and in this day and age, any saving is welcome, and over a summer, this savings would be quite considerable.

Guaranteed Colour fast

The latest generation of window film is guaranteed not to lose its colour, and will not crack, fade, or peel, and with a professional installation, you can be sure the tints will perfectly complement the property. There is a range of colours and shades to choose from, so finding something just right is easy, and with the highest level of UV protection, your home will be more comfortable and your furniture will be protected.

Added Safety

Any pane of glass that has window film attached will not break so easily, and more importantly, when it does, there are no sharp slivers of glass, as everything remains firmly stuck to the film. This is ideal for patio doors and pool areas, and furthermore, window film is scratchproof, making it the ideal addition for the ultimate protection.

Quality Products

When having window film fitted, you do not want to compromise on quality, and while there might be some cheaper, DIY solutions, if you want the film to last for many years, and still be effective, the best quality is a must. There are online suppliers who have the expertise to transform the exterior of your home with a stylish and efficient UV protection screen that is guaranteed to be durable.

Mix and Match

They have many styles, and it is possible to get creative and with matt finishes, seclusion is guaranteed. Whatever your style ideas, there will be a tint that lights your fire, and with expert advice, you can affordably protect your home against the harmful rays of the sun.

Peeling and cracking are a thing of the past with the latest generation of window film, and with the right supplier and a professional installation, satisfaction is assured.

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